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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Series Update

Hi there!
Just thought I'd take my nose out of the keyboard long enough to give everyone an update :-).

Yes, Blood Possession (book 3) is coming right along, and the further I get into the rewriting/editing process, the fonder I become of Napolean. ;-) However, I think the biggest challenge for me is keeping my attention on one book at a time: The moment the first draft of book three was done, my imagination jumped ahead to book four, and I swear Nachari's story has been haunting me like a persistent ghost: "See me? Here I am! Come get me. Boo!"


Now, in my defense, I will say that scenes from future books often pop into my mind, and most of them will never be used (I imagine them while driving, walking, name it...and the scenes that recur again and again or continue to expand are usually the ones that end up in future books). However, the scenes from book four have become so distracting that I finally had to sit down and outline the entire book in hopes that they would just...chill for a bit. :-)  

The upside is -- I'll be ready when the time comes, and I'm even more motivated to wrap-up book three now.

As for those who have asked about my process, it goes something like this:

1. I create an outline (which I rarely stick to, but what can I say...).
2. I write a rough draft (this is where the story unfolds for the first time...and usually changes).
3. I re-write the entire book.
4. I print it out and edit. (Yep, in this advanced world of technology; I still have to edit by hand. For some reason, I just can't see all the glaring errors on a screen!)
5. I input the changes on my computer and READ the story from beginning to end (usually for the first time). Final adjustments happen here.
6. I submit it to the publisher.

Right now, book three is in stage three, with 80% of the rewrite complete.  The scheduled release date is still April, 2012, but as always, I hope to finish early.

Well, that's my update for now.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween (and remembered to turn back their clocks...unlike me...)


Until next time,
Stay Positive!