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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

POLL: How do you like your Vampires???

Please take a moment to respond to my latest poll...

How do you like your vampires?

a) Dark, Dangerous, and Deadly?
b) Ravishing and Romantic?
c) Monstrous and Gory?
d) Sparkly, Gentle, and Kind?

The official POLL can be found on my facebook fan page, and answers can be entered directly in the box beside your choice: (Click below to go to the poll)

Thanks, folks! :-)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Difference between Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror: Why Genre Matters.

The Difference between Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror:
Why Genre Matters.
By Tessa Dawn

If one were to compare the world of fiction to a shopping mall, genre would be the large neon sign outside of a store, advertising sports, shoes, or jewelry…

Enter here.

While we might expect to find some chocolates in the jewelry store and maybe even a jersey or two in the shoe store, we would not search for a new necklace in the hat store, nor would we look for a killer pair of spiked heels in the pet store. You get the point: When classified correctly, genre lets us know what to expect when we enter the metaphorical storefront of fiction. It helps to eliminate confusion and disappointment for everyone involved: Publishers connect the “right” readers with the “right” authors, which generates revenue; readers find what they’re looking for, which breeds satisfaction; and authors receive fairer reviews by excluding unsuspecting shoppers who may otherwise wander into the wrong store, perhaps with the best intentions, only to be confused…or worse, disappointed with the type of merchandise they find.

So, where do we begin in our quest to sort through the Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror genres? Perhaps with the most basic elements of fiction: setting, theme, protagonist, and point of view.

A horror book can be set anywhere, but wherever it is, something is going to go “bump in the night.” Something is going to threaten, attack, or try to harm the main character(s). In fact, the purpose of a horror book is just that—to scare the reader. It is usually in the victim’s point of view, although there are occasional exceptions to this rule; and the hero or heroine try to survive, defeat, or outlast the “monster.” The protagonist is easy to identify—he or she is the one trying to get away…and live! The antagonist is easy to identify as well; he or she (or it) is the one with the chain saw, the ax, the vial full of acid…
Readers can expect shock, gore, terror, disgust, some measure of violence, and absolute titillation. While the author may add humor, romance, suspense, or any number of additional elements to the story, the reader has signed on for a scary read.

Paranormal Romance
Like Horror, a Paranormal Romance may take place in any number of settings; however, because it is paranormal, there must be something supernatural about the story: Often, this is the inclusion of witches, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, faeries, or the like. One thing is not up for debate: two or more characters are going to engage in an intimate, romantic, or deeply emotional relationship. In fact, the purpose of a romance book is precisely that – to chronicle the relationship between primary characters. Consequently, it is the relationship that must overcome internal and external conflicts, for in a romance novel, the relationship must drive the plot. It is the center of the novel’s universe, and everything else revolves around it.

If the axis of a romance novel is relationship, then the mandate of a romance novel is HEA (to end in Happily Ever After). For this reason, readers choose the genre to feel a sense of relief, triumph, and peace in the end. The hero is typically a main character who falls in love (as is the heroine if it is a heterosexual pairing), and the romance is almost always written in the protagonist’s point of view. I say almost always in case someone invents an exception: I’ve never personally seen one. Again, the author may add humor, suspense, mystery, or even some elements of horror, but the reader has signed on to watch a relationship unfold. And in the end, it should all be A-Okay.

Dark Fantasy
Falling under the broad category of Speculative Fiction, a Dark Fantasy may also take place just about anywhere; however, the use of the term fantasy implies the fantastical element of world-building. In other words, the world itself is somehow different. Maybe it takes place beneath the sea or on another planet; maybe it takes place in post-apocalyptic or medieval times (the latter is often referred to as gothic); or maybe it takes place right here on earth. In the case of this planet, something about the world will still be different, supernatural, or fantastical. The characters may fly or use magic. Maybe they speak telepathically or wander around as zombies. Maybe they consist of vampires, werewolves, and the like; or maybe, they just adhere to a completely different set of rules or physical laws. One way or another, the world will be altered.

The other surprising yet important fact about Dark Fantasy is that it has its roots in Horror. Like Horror, Dark Fantasy will include something raw, edgy, shocking, disturbing, or cringe-worthy. Something dark.  Unlike Horror, it will often be written from the “monster’s” point of view; and by monster, I mean the vampire’s, werewolf’s, dragon’s, witch’s, etc. The protagonist may very well be capable of both good and evil; at the least, he or she contains characteristics of both or struggles with shadow impulses. The antagonist, if there is one, will be the epitome of darkness—no slightly offensive guys or gals here. These are the real deal.

While it may be frightening in places, the purpose of Dark Fantasy is not to scare the reader (or to kill off all the teenagers, townspeople, or stage extras in reverse order of importance—you get the point). It is meant to explore the shadow nature of being: to ask questions such as, what is darkness? What forms does darkness take? Why does it exist? And how do we define it, grapple with it, and overcome it? Like the best-selling book, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, which explores the various deviant tendencies of the main male character, Dark Fantasy explores the infinite gradations of shadow. It may vary in levels of exploration, but the reader can absolutely expect to deal with the darker aspects of life at some point. That said, Dark Fantasy, may also incorporate romance (yes, even HEA endings), suspense, humor, and many other cross-genre elements; however, if it is a light easy read from start to finish, it is not Dark Fantasy.

Urban Fantasy, for the record, maintains the fantastical elements of world-building, may include supernatural characters, and primarily takes place in an urban setting. While it can be dark, it doesn’t have to be. Often, Urban Fantasies will resemble Paranormal Romance with one important difference: their main focus is the story, life, and development of the hero or heroine—not the primary relationship between two or more characters (should such a relationship exist). As with the other genres, the conflict(s) may be internal, external, or some combination of both.

In closing, I would have to say that while these genres have a lot in common, their differences are conspicuously different. Within the genres of Horror, Paranormal Romance, and Dark Fantasy, readers may find many elements which cross over—all three could showcase a werewolf, for example. All three could make the reader laugh out loud or sit on the edge of his or her seat. However, the primary purpose of the book, where it intends to take the reader and how it will make the reader feel along the way, will vary considerably. More importantly, what the reader can expect to find, at least to some degree—a life-and-death battle against a killer, a relationship unfolding, or a dark element persisting—is not up for debate.

What is up for debate, and often a mystery, is the careless way in which bookstores or online distributors “shelve” the material, placing anything anywhere, for any reason—as if it doesn't matter. Not surprisingly, readers often get confused, and avid seekers of a particular category find themselves picking up an alternative genre. More often than not, if the back blurb was well-written and the book contains a favorite character type (say a vampire or a shape shifter), readers find something new to love; but sometimes, they find themselves bored silly (expecting much more shadow or tension), utterly confused (wondering where in the world is Xzar, and why does Sally live there with a pixie?), or shocked right out of their gourd (did that nice, handsome vampire just rip someone’s throat out?). When in doubt, it’s worth a trip to the author’s website. He or she often knows exactly what they write—and why—even if it’s wonderfully complex or, heaven forbid, cross genre. Wink-wink.

As for me, I write Dark Fantasy (The Blood Curse Vampire Series), and I include very strong elements of romance and suspense. I don’t, however, write genre Paranormal Romance or genre Horror, although I’d like to try my hand at the latter someday – perhaps Professor Plum in the library with a stake? Oh wait, that’s Mystery; and this article is done. #
This article is available for free use, reprint, or web posting with a mention or link back to the website: www.TessaDawn.Com.  If you want it, take it; just leave me a note letting me know. Thanks!

Friday, December 7, 2012

BLOOD SHADOWS: The cover is officially real

Could not wait to share my excitement with my readers ~ As you know, The BLOOD SHADOWS manuscript is now with the publisher, going through editing and layout, and the official cover is now complete. For me, that's what makes it real!

I will continue to post updates as we approach the February 28, 2013 release date. Until then, please enjoy the cover ;-)...

Oh, and for those of you who prefer Twitter for your social media, please Tweet with the hash tags #BloodShadows and/or #BloodCurseSeries so I can be sure and get your messages!

Warm Regards,


Friday, November 2, 2012

BLOOD SHADOWS (Book #4 in the Blood Curse Series)

The Blood Curse Series
Book One: Blood Destiny
Book Two: Blood Awakening
Book Three: Blood Possession

Book Four: Blood Shadows...

Nachari Silivasi is a bright light in a Dark World. As the youngest vampire in a family of warriors, he has studied Magick for four-hundred years and acquired a rare mastery of the universe around him. He is beloved by his family; legendary for his good-looks; and known for his uncommon valor. Unfortunately, he has just made the ultimate sacrifice – he has traded his immortal life for the life of the Vampyr King.

Deanna Dubois is as talented as she is independent, but she has developed a strange and terrifying habit: Night after night, day after day, she sketches one horrifying scene after another -- the body of a gorgeous male being tortured in hell by demons. Disturbed by her ever growing obsession, she sets out to Dark Moon Vale to uncover the truth. Only, what she finds is a web of danger, destruction, and deceit.

Separated by space and time, yet drawn together by fate, Nachari and Deanna find themselves in an epic battle against evil: Nachari is forced to forge a path in a world of shadows, where torture and lust rule the night; while Deanna struggles to decide between two polar opposites – to flee from the truth or trade her mortal soul for the possibility of a stranger’s salvation.

The stakes could not be higher.
The enemy could not be more lethal.
And the only way to reach the light is to, first, enter the Blood Shadows.  

Blood Shadows 
Coming February 28, 2013 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! 

As I posted on facebook & twitter, Nathaniel & Jocelyn have decorated the front of their estate, and they are eager to dress up Storm and pass out candy. Kagen is hosting an early event at the clinic for all the little vamps in Dark Moon Vale, and Marquis has posted a black-and-white sign outside his house: "Stay the #$%% off my property!" Fortunately, Ciopori took it down.

Needless to say, Braden is dressing up as Batman, and Kristina, as the bride of Dracula. On a more serious note, we won't be hearing from Nachari this year...we will have to wait for book four in the Blood Curse Series, BLOOD SHADOWS, to see what fate has brought our favorite vampire wizard. To that end, Blood Shadows will be released on February 28th, 2013! It sounds far away, but it's not! The book is not yet available for pre-order, but I have been working feverishly to get everything done and submitted to the publisher. Can't wait to see the new cover -- will post it as soon as I have an image.

In the meantime, prayers and best wishes to those on the eastern seaboard! My heart goes out to everyone who has been effected by Sandy. To all my other readers: please stay warm, safe, and dry tonight, and enjoy your Halloween!

Best Always,

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blood Shadows ~ Update

Hey Everyone,

I've received several requests for an update, so here it is:

Blood Shadows is coming along nicely--moving forward daily :-). The first draft is complete, and it is now in the rewrite phase (once it hits editing, there should be a concrete release date). In addition, work should begin shortly on the COVER, and I can't wait to have that real, tangible evidence to share with my readers!

Along those lines, here is a very short sneak peak (for those who have asked for the same...) ** Spoiler Alert** Nachari is standing behind Deanna. She is very nervous, and she has more or less asked him what he's doing...

“I am preparing to bite you,” he murmured in her ear.
She stiffened. “No you’re not. I—”
“Shh,” he whispered. “Hush.”
“Don’t tell me to hush,” she retorted. “You—”
And just like that, he bit her.
Actually bit her.

Okay, so that was more like a teaser, but trust me--there's a whole book behind it, and I promise to announce the release date the moment I have it.  Until then, my best to everyone -- I deeply appreciate your continued support of the series! Thank you.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Secret Key to Writing a Novel

Over the past year or two, I've had several aspiring writers contact me to ask...

What's the secret to writing a novel? 
How come so many people try and give-up?
If you could give only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Okay, so this is going to sound very tongue-and-cheek (and I don't mean it that way), but for all of the folks who dream of writing a novel; who research information, create an outline, or take a class (or several) in order to learn how to write a novel; for the thousands who actually sit down and start a novel, very few will ever complete one.

Why is that?

And what is the key to actually finishing that novel?

Before I plow forward with the answer, I do have to say that there is a difference between completing a novel and completing a good novel; and that even if one completes a VERY good novel, there's still that whole hurdle called "publication." That said, one thing is for certain: If a writer can not complete a novel, then whether or not it's good -- or whether or not it gets published -- is a non-issue! For that reason, I believe the greatest hurdle facing a would-be-writer is finishing their first novel, and the answer to 'how to finish a novel' is far simpler than one might think...

Not unlike that old adage, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single-step," a novel of one-hundred thousand words begins with a singe-word.


And just as that journey begins with a single-step, it ultimately continues with the next step...and the next...and the next...

Keep writing.

In the end, the journey is accomplished because the person keeps right on walking until they eventually cross the "finish line."

Write until the story is finished.

Okay, so that sounds way too simple, but I think that's why so many great stories never get told: people over-complicate the issue...ignore the obvious. Yes, some writers begin with an outline. Yes, some writers follow huge blocks of inspiration led by a creative muse. And yes, some writers take years and years to dream of, imagine, and work out their stories in their heads. There are hundreds of ways to conceive of a novel, to organize a novel, and to research a novel. And there a dozens of skills one can acquire in order to craft a good novel (plotting, characterization, dialogue, grammar & punctuation, conflict development, pacing, etc). But there's only one way to finish a novel: by writing it.

Do you see my point?

If you want to start and finish a novel, sit down and write.
Whether your formatting is perfect, non-existent, or all over the map, write.
If it's only ten-minutes a day, three-days a week, or even twice a month for two-hours, write.
If it's the most brilliant prose you've ever penned, or such complete doo-doo that you wouldn't show it to your kindergarten teacher, write.
If it's one-hundred pages stirred by a burst of inspiration, or only two-paragraphs that felt more like you just had your wisdom teeth pulled, write.
If its fully researched ahead of time or you have to leave holes all over the place in order to go back and fill in the blanks, write.
If you're not sure if the scene is going to work or if it even ties into what you already wrote, write.

In other words, don't try to create the world's greatest literary work at this juncture, just write something.

Just keep going!

And remember: It doesn't have to be good; it doesn't have to be perfect; and it doesn't even have to make sense at this juncture. It does, however, have to exist somewhere other than in your head: In order to finish a book, you must sit down and write it. You can always rewrite and edit later. 

I think that bears repeating: you can (and should) always edit later...

You can always change the formatting, or the character's names, or even the main or sub-plots. You can always polish your dialogue, look up the rules of English, or make your gibberish sound like prose another time. (Yes, it's okay to write incomplete thoughts, outrageous repetition, or even short sentences like you're three-years old...just so long as you get through the scene). You're building a foundation on which the house will later stand; you can always add the doors and windows later. And so what if you end up cutting more than half of what you wrote, or completely moving it around, or even changing your mind -- and??? (There's a reason why developmental editing, copy-editing, and proof-reading are considered separate from writing -- a reason why they're an integral part of the publishing process). The more you do it, the better you will become on your first try; but until then, you've got to start somewhere.

So just tell your story. Get it out.

Because, believe it or not, the primary difference between someone who finishes a novel and someone who only starts one, is that the former kept writing where the latter stopped writing. Really, that's it.  Writers can get lost in all the thinking, organizing, editing, formatting and planning; or we can write. We can let the need to create the world's greatest masterpiece stop us from writing anything, or we can become true story-tellers, tell our stories, and trust that we can always fix it later.

Yes, the craft matters. And there's a whole heck of a lot to weaving a well-written story, but one might be surprised by how many professional writers get stuck, lost, annoyed, forget a basic rule of English in the middle of a sentence, write stuff their readers wouldn't recognize (and not in a good way), call their characters by the wrong names (okay, so maybe that's just me???), and lose their inspiration (more often than they'd like). The difference is, they keep writing anyway because they've learned to trust themselves and the process. And over time, through repetition, and with practice, they get better and better at what they do. So, take those classes; imagine those heroes and heroines; work tirelessly on your craft, and try to perfect your technique.  That's a huge part of becoming a better writer. But in the meantime, WRITE...AND KEEP WRITING UNTIL THE STORY IS FINISHED.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Update ;-)

Hello Everyone,
I realize that I have been conspicuously absent this summer on social media -- no worries! Just working very hard on book 4: Blood Shadows. For all of those who have asked, the release date has NOT yet been set; however, I will post it the moment I know it. Rest assured, the book is moving forward.

One quick aside: I have been spending a lot more time at "the cabin" (my original inspiration for Dark Moon Vale), and we have a steady group of hummingbirds that stop by to eat...all day long. One of them has the most magnificent emerald green back surrounded by jet-black feathers, so I named him Nachari. He is definitely a dominant "predator" because he dive-bombs all the other birds and "claims" all five feeders (front and back and forest) as his territory -- will sometimes hover 100 feet in the air in order to see any other bird approaching what he clearly considers his. (I don't think our Nachari would act like that????) lol

At any rate, hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Also, for those of you who have not yet visited me on facebook, please stop by and "LIKE" my fan page when you get a chance:

Until next time, happiness and joy to all :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tell Me a Story! Readers, post your own short stories for free...

Tell Me a Story...

It should come as no surprise that writers love to read. Or that my favorite genre just happens to be Dark Fantasy.  As a result, for the remainder of April, May, and June, I am inviting my delightful, passionate, imaginative readers (or anyone else who happens by the blog) to Tell Me a Story: write or paste a short fictional tale in the "comments" section after this post; let others read it along with yours truly; and share in the fun of both reading and writing!  

Readers, feel free to comment on any or all of the stories -- just so long as comments remain fun, kind, and playful at heart. You don't need to be an author or a professional writer to do this: Who cares if your verbs don't conjugate, or your participles dangle! (What does that even mean??? ;-)) Just have fun & follow these simple rules:

1. Keep it short: ranging from 3 paragraphs to 2 pages.
2. Keep it paranormal (some sort of supernatural or dark fantasy theme).
3. Keep it rated pg-13 (this is a public blog, after all ;-))
4. Please click on "COMMENT" to post a new story
                click on "REPLY" to comment on a story already posted.
                (And don't worry if it gets mixed up...) 
5. And yes, you can post as "anonymous" or use a "pen name" if you like.
Other than that, you can write about anything you want... 
For those who already have short-stories, post away. 
For those who need a little "push" or incentive, feel free to choose one of the following "openers" and add your own ending (again, 3-5 paragraphs is FINE -- just have fun).

Story A...

   They say be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it and all that stuff...
   But how could I have known that wishing to meet a dark handsome stranger would turn into this? That it might someday cost me my life?
   I mean, vampires don't really exist, right?

Story B...
   The low, feral growl rose from the shadows as if part of the night. It surrounded me like a heavy tunic in the cool, night air, wrapping me in fear.
   Cloaking me in terror.

Story C...

   The sign in front of the dark, abandoned hotel said Route 38: No vacancy.
   It should have said, End of the Road: Run!

Story D...

   Okay, so some of us are slower than others...
   Still, did I really deserve all this?

Story E...

Everything or anything you want! :-)  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blood Possession CONTEST WINNERS

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for making the online book release party such a success!!!
Since there were so many posts and entries, we asked the contest provider to choose THREE winners for the **free autographed copy**   

The winners are...

1.  mtaylor70
2. Nicole Argendorf 
3. Heather P.


How to claim your prize...
1. Please contact me at as soon as possible 
2. Place "Contest Winner" in the SUBJECT of the email
3. Provide your FULL mailing address in the body of the email.

Thanks again, everyone and Happy Reading!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome to the official Release of Blood Possession!

To all my fangtastic friends, fans, & readers: Thank you so much for joining in the celebration -- it's finally here!!!

Now let's get down to celebrating... :-) 

ONE:  If you haven't already, please Vote in the Poll (to the right).
TWO: If you haven't already, please “Join this Site,” (icon in the upper right-hand corner). 
THREE: In order to enter the FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOK GIVEAWAY, please Post a Comment (below). Oh, and feel free to talk to other readers. ALL comments count!
(*Note: if you don't see the "Join this Site" icon or can't post, it's probably b/c you're using Internet Explorer as your browser & certain versions are incompatible w/google's "followers" widget! Please try another search engine! {Google CHROME is available as a free download} :-) Thanks!

How to post a comment:
1. Click Comments at the bottom of THIS entry.
2. Scroll down to the very last post & fill out the comments box OR click on the date beneath any post.

Again, Please feel free to reply to other readers! Oh, and please add a **Spoiler Alert** if a comment reveals details about a book. Thanks! 

 Contest Details: **FREE** Autographed Book Giveaway Contest
The winner will be chosen randomly at midnight tonight, and his/her name will be posted on the author's Facebook page –AND on this BLOG – tomorrow: April 16, 2012. Please check back to see if you won. If so, email as soon as possible to claim your book and exchange shipping information.

I will be here all day adding comments and answering questions.  Thank you so much for coming!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Join me on April 15th to celebrate the release of BLOOD POSSESSION

Coming April 15th: BLOOD POSSESSION by Tessa Dawn
Book #3 in the Blood Curse Series

Dear Reader,
I am excited to announce the upcoming release of BLOOD POSSESSION

The title will be available in both print and eBook formats and is currently available for pre-order at and 

For more information, to read sample chapters, or to view the video trailer, please visit my website at...

I will be hosting an all-day, online Book Release Party on April 15th right here on my blog, and readers can enter to win a **FREE** Autographed copy of the book. Please feel free to join me ~ I'd love to see you...

Best Always,
Tessa Dawn

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Count down to release of Blood Possession... :-)

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to post an update re: the upcoming book release on April 15th 

BLOOD POSSESSION, Blood Curse Series #3

1. The final print version has been completed & approved, and the eBook formats are also ready to go. (Yes, the eBook will be available on Kindle and Nook and for many other devices as well...)

2. The print version is now available for pre-order on AND (there is a click-through link on my website under the Home Page "Books" tab -- under "buy a book").

3. I have received several orders for autographed copies, and those will be going out as soon as I receive my first shipment...

4. Finally, I plan to host another all day Online Book Release Party right here on my blog on April 15 so we can all celebrate together! As always, participants will have a chance to win a FREE autographed copy by posting a comment on release day...more details to follow.

This book has been a great deal of work, and I am very, very excited to get it out to all my wonderful friends, fans, and readers.  Until then, thanks for all your ongoing support and remember to keep it positive -- 


Monday, February 20, 2012

The new cover is here!

The new cover for Blood Possession is finally here!
(I happen to LOVE it...)  :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blood Possession: A Sneak Peak from the upcoming release...

You asked for it, and you got it: a sneak peak from Blood Possession.
Dear Friends & Readers, I have received so many requests for "just a tiny, sneak peak" of the upcoming book, that I finally decided to do it: You guys have been so wonderful to me; how could I not? :-)  For those who don't want to know anything AT ALL about the book before it's released, do not read the short passages. For those who are curious, but don't want the plot spoiled, I think you will be okay. I chose the passages very carefully to avoid revealing anything about critical relationships, pivotal occurrences, or outcomes.  In fact, Napolean's passage is extremely short because I couldn't go any further (forward or back) without creating a ***spoiler***.
 Enjoy, and I hope to see you all in April at the online book release party.

Passage One: From Napolean Mondragon's Blood Moon
Napolean's upper lip twitched, no doubt revealing a hint of fangs, and he felt the heat in his eyes, knowing they were glowing red. He could hardly speak. “Come, or I’ll take you.” His voice was pitched low in an imperious command, removing any ability she had to refuse. He was an Ancient—his power unmatched among all the Vampyr—and knowing this, he tried to soften what he did.
She was trembling uncontrollably now as she began to scoot toward the door, her body betraying her will.


Passage Two: A private moment with Salvatore Nistor 
For a moment, Salvatore had simply watched her—kneeling in the dirt, squirming like a worm—but his patience had not lasted. Jane had moved when he had told her to be still. She had spoken when he had warned her not to make a sound. And she had more-or-less worn on his last-nerve…just because she had. He had been determined to punish her for her insolence.
He laughed now, thinking about it.
They had been such minor infractions, really.
But it simply didn’t matter.
Defiance was defiance, and his enemies never went unpunished.
His lips twitched, and he sat up on the bed, contemplating the importance of that truth: Napolean Mondragon would not go unpunished, either. He could not go unpunished. The Dark Ones would have their revenge, and Salvatore would benefit politically in the process. He would pay Marquis Silivasi back for taking Ciopori from his lair. He would appease Oskar Vadovsky by demonstrating his superior knowledge of Dark Magick. And he would regain the respect of the remaining council members—the two who had witnessed his own unspeakable degradation—by doing what had never been done before: He would kill Napolean Mondragon, the ancient, here-to-fore invincible leader of the house of Jadon.
His plan couldn’t fail. 
Passage Three: Nachari Silivasi performing a task for the house of Jadon
“Relax,” he whispered into her ear. “Lay your head against my shoulder, Jolie…and relax.”
Her head lulled back, and her eyes fluttered closed, even as her body grew limp against him. It was no effort, whatsoever, to hold her up with one arm; she couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds.
Nachari tuned into the alluring sound of her pulse, a slow, steady thrumming in her neck. He parted his lips and let his canines lengthen into two sharp points. Jolie shuddered as if she sensed his intention, but a soft nuzzle to her neck brought her quickly back to submission. Nachari struck with aged precision, sinking both fangs deep into her jugular in one smooth, flawless motion, his mind circumventing her fear—and her pain—before it could register through the complex, somatosensory cortex of her brain.
She twitched violently and her body began to convulse, but that was a normal reaction, one that would subside in as little as thirty-seconds.
Nachari drew several, deep, heady gulps of the warm, rich substance from her vein and analyzed it as it slid down his throat: her character, her needs, her hopes and her fears, the current DNA—as well as the timeless genetic memories—that made Jolie Anderson the distinctly unique person that she was.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guest Blog Appearance & Free eBook

Author Tyr Kieran is giving away a ***FREE*** eBook copy of BLOOD DESTINY on her Horror Blog, today through Saturday. 

She has posted the entire second chapter for folks to read, and anyone who leaves a comment is eligible to win. Even if you've already read the book, you may want to stop by & check out this site. :-)


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please help -- I need 100 readers...

Dear Readers,
Please help me TAG my books on Amazon. I am trying to get over 100 tags, but I need your help! And it will only take 90 seconds ;-).

How to tag the books...
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Everyone's Welcome! Please join me...

Just a reminder: I will be doing a guest-appearance today at Dark Hunters Revolt from 12:00pm - 2:30pm EST (that's 10am-12pm mountain time for ;-)

Please Feel Free To Join me! 
Ask Questions. CHAT live. Hang out & meet others with similar interests. Or just stop in and say hello ~ I'd love to spend this time with you. 

Event & link can be found at...


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anti-Piracy Legislation: An Alternative Viewpoint

Right now, the internet is flooded with opinions about SOPA, PIPA, & OPEN (potential anti-piracy legislation), and bloggers are posting numerous viewpoints. So I'm not going to use this space to support or attack any particular, legislative position. Rather, I would prefer to talk about an alternative way of looking at the problem... 

First, let me begin by saying that I firmly believe the vast majority of people are good at heart. Most people are honest and want to be kind: They try to do what's right, even if they don't always agree on what that is. What is sometimes lacking is awareness and a clear road map outlining the way... We all remember the epic shift in attitude that took place regarding cigarettes, smoking, and tobacco following a long, intensive, advertising campaign about the possible harms of nicotine. It effectively took smoking from "cool" to "not cool" nationwide. In other words, it changed the way people thought about smoking, which then changed consumer behavior. 

Well, I happen to think the same thing is possible with the issue of piracy: that drastically increasing awareness (thereby appealing to what is right and good in all of us) may be just as powerful as enacting laws to punish offenders.

Let's take some of the most common reasons consumers give for purchasing pirated materials:

1. Saving money: "The  product was too expensive!" 
2. Entitlement: In this age of information, if it's out there, the consumer has a right to it.
3. Convenience: It's quicker and easier to download the pirated material. 
4. Anonymity: The consumer sees herself as "just one person" in a vast sea of people, so what difference does it make?
5. Sanction: "Everyone else is doing it." 

In a world where the HUGE success stories (the NYT Best Selling Author, the Emmy nominee, or the Grammy winner) are often front and center, it's easy for consumers to get an unbalanced picture of the norm and lose touch on an individual, human level. 

For instance, how many readers know that it takes the average author (writing part-time) up to one-year to write a book? (Sure, some books are written in mere weeks while others take years, and first drafts are finished much faster than subsequent revisions; but as a whole, that's the average.) Based on this, let's apply 10 hours per week as our definition of "part-time" and multiply that by 52 weeks: we end up with 520 hours to complete an average book.  Since the average author makes an average 6% royalty on a paperback, the pay comes to about 40 cents per book...or .00076923 cents per hour! No, I'm not kidding. (Again, some authors make a LOT more while others make substantially less; but very, VERY few authors actually earn a living from their writing, alone. And that's just a fact).

Now let's go back to the guy (or gal) who just spent 520 hours finishing a book: If the book sales 500 copies (most first, eBooks won't), then the author made .38 cents per hour.  Now, I don't know about you, but unless you really, really love to do something, it hardly makes sense to work for .38 cents per hour! (Smiles.) And, honestly, at that rate, even a very bad author probably deserves his or her royalties...(smiles again).

But back to my original theory: that the majority of people are good at heart and try to do the right thing. Assuming this to be true, let's now imagine a young man working on an auto-assembly line: He makes $197.60 for 520 hours of work (remember, we're using the average author's .38 cents an hour for our analogy), and his boss suddenly refuses to pay him, even though he's already completed the work.  Few people would be okay with that scenario. So where then is the disconnect when it comes to the author (or other creator)? 

Is it possible that people see the auto-worker as a down-to-earth persona whom they relate to, while they view the author as a more distant persona, existing on the other side of a computer, whom they have very little in common with? And if so, then how do we close this gap? 

Imagine seeing the following ads or commercials on a regular basis:

1. A woman walks into a department store. She sees that her favorite jeans are way too expensive, so she simply steals them. (Piracy reason #1: The  product was too expensive!) 

2. A man is shown (hour-after-hour, day-after-day, for one year) working on a painting. He puts it in a local art show, and a spectator takes it just because it's there. (Piracy justification #2: The consumer has a right to it because it's out there). 

3. When asked why he didn't buy the painting, the spectator explains, "It was quicker and easier to take it." (Piracy reason #3) 

4. The same spectator makes several reproductions of the art and either sales it cheap to strangers or gives it away free to friends. All in all, two-hundred people end up with the painting. (Piracy reason #4: Anonymity: Since each of the two-hundred recipients thought, I'm only one person; what difference does it make? -- no one took responsibility.  

#5. Finally, go back to the woman in the department store. Only this time, imagine fifty shoppers running up and down the aisles shoplifting their favorite jeans. (Piracy reason #5: Everyone else is doing it.)

Okay, so I think I made my point: The vast majority of people would see at least something wrong with each of those scenarios, so why then do so many people more-or-less ignore online piracy? Partly, for the same reason the average person used to think smoking wasn't harmful: because they only have half of the picture. True morality is not based on the fear of reprisals or punishment; it is a form of internal reasoning which motivates a person to do the right thing because it is right. Not because they might get caught. 

Does this form of moral reasoning exist in everyone? No, it doesn't (just check out my Dark Fantasy series), but it does exist in my opinion.  Which begs the following questions: 

  • How many people know when a work they've purchased is pirated? 
  • How many people can tell a pirate-site from a legitimate one?  
  • How many people have actually paused to think about the consequences of a single purchase? And why should they, from their point of view?
  • How many people feel compelled to say to a friend, "Hey, you know what? That's really not cool.  You should pay for the book (movie or song). One person does matter, and this is why..."

You might be thinking, very few people would actually say that to a friend. And I kind of agree...for now.  But I bet the tobacco industry thought that smoking was untouchable, too, fifty years ago: Wouldn't it be amazing if someday soon, a consumer going to an illegal piracy site was met with the same censure and distaste by his or her peers as someone who decided to chain-smoke in the middle of a public restaurant?  

Are education and awareness the only way to achieve that end? Probably not. Even the tobacco industry was eventually regulated, and fortunately, we were able to come up with laws that most (not all) could live with. But that's not what keeps the average person from lighting up in a restaurant today...think about it.

What does it take to make a society as a whole change the way they think about an issue?

Just an alternative perspective.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dark Fantasy Banner POLL ~ please vote :-)

Hello everyone, thanks for your help!
Please take a look at this web banner, then vote from the choices below :-)
The banner should point out that the series is mature, exciting, and dark.

Below the words, "Dark Fantasy Vampire Fiction," is a line: For those who like their vampires to bite.

Which line works best in that second position? (VOTE in the "comments" section from the choices below)

a. Dark Fantasy Vampire Fiction: For those who like their vampires to bite.
b. Dark Fantasy Vampire Fiction: For those who aren't afraid of the dark.
c. Dark Fantasy Vampire Fiction: For grown ups
d. Other suggestions? ___________________________________

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year ~ New Update

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have received a lot of questions about book three -- yes, it's on schedule. In fact, the final re-write is done. I am in the process of editing it now, and my reader/critique "group" will be coming to Colorado on January 5th to do a three day intensive...where we go through the manuscript from front to back. After that, it's off to the publisher.

2011 was a really crazy, BUSY, year!  You guys were so wonderful, and you helped make the series very successful -- thank you!  Still, I'm really looking forward to 2012 -- more writing, more laughing, more vampires! :-)

Love you all...

Happy New Year