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Monday, April 28, 2014

SIGN UP for the Blood Curse Series STREET TEAM between May 15th & May 30th! :-)

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about the BCS Street Team! :-)

To jump right in, the BCS Street Team is a hard working group of die-hard fans & friends. We have fun all year round, but come release time, we hit the pavement pretty hard. For that reason, I would ask all potential members to read the info below and see if the team is a good fit (heck, see if you even agree with how we do things ;-)) before signing up. Thanks!

And as always, thank you for being a reader! Your continued support means the world to me!


      1.  You have read all the Blood Curse Series books, and you are PASSIONATE about the series: Dark Fantasy is definitely your thing, and the Silivasis are definitely your men…er, uh…vampires. :-) 
2.      You are willing to go online and travel from one blog-site, newsfeed, or book club to another in order to post comments, answer questions, and generally MAKE SOME SERIOUS NOISE about Dark Moon Vale & the books. :-)

3.      You are available on RELEASE DAY (JUNE 12, 2014) in order to respond to requests, comment on blogs, post pictures and other promo, and generally “run around like a chicken with your head cut off.” :-) (This includes activities the week prior and following). 
4.      Even if it’s short and sweet, you are willing to read the newest release and post an honest review of Blood Father on; Barnes&; and possibly Goodreads. *Note: As a matter of ethics, I do not hand out free arcs or galleys, or provide any type of compensation, in exchange for reviews: These must come from a reader’s heart without “strings attached.”

5.      You don’t mind handing out bookmarks or other “swag” to potential readers.

6.      You recognize that this is a closed, private group, and all posts, images, or information may not be shared without expressed permission: In other words, what happens in Dark Moon Vale stays in Dark Moon Vale. ;-)

IF THIS IS YOU, then we would love to have you on the Blood Curse Series STREET TEAM for the release of Blood FATHER…and beyond.

IF THIS IS NOT YOU, no worries! There are several other ways to get involved. Please follow this link to see other options:

Between May 15th and May 30th
  • Send a direct email to with “Street Team” in the subject line.
  • Please provide your real name, email address, and facebook user name (for instance, if your real name is Mary Jones, but your facebook profile says Bloody Mary, I need to know both!)
  • Let me know that you’ve seen this blog; you’re still interested in joining; and why you’d like to be part of the group. (This doesn’t have to be deep! LOL. I’d just like a chance to “meet” you.)
  • CHECK BACK on this blog on May 31st. I will post the names of the first 10-12 members (who will be joining us) on that day and forward your info to my admin. And I deeply apologize in advance for the impersonal nature of this system – it’s the only way I know how to keep up… So thanks for your understanding!
  • Oh, and please do not send requests prior to May 15th: I would like as many readers as possible to see the notice before I open enrollment, so I'm posting info in advance.
You will be added to the private facebook group immediately, and you can jump right in and start meeting other members. They’re an awesome group of people! 

Please note: If we are not already connected as “friends” on facebook, I will NOT be able to add you to the group until you send me a friend request. So please do so right away. 

You can “friend” me at:

Other Information
  • “Open Enrollment” begins May 15th and CLOSES May 31st (at midnight, MST).
  • I'll be adding 10 - 12 new members total based on THE ORDER IN WHICH I RECEIVE YOUR REQUESTS. And the reason I do this is heartfelt: I want to keep the group small, so I can get to know each member and give them the time & attention they deserve. I am absolutely honored that ANYONE would be interested in joining my Street Team -- sometimes it’s hard to believe you guys are real! :-)

 Thank you again for your interest! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blood Father Release Date! :-)

BLOOD FATHER by Tessa Dawn

“May the rivers run crimson with their blood.” ~ Kagen Silivasi.

Kagen Silivasi is a powerful, ancient vampire with a unique gift for healing – he is also a son, a brother, and a loner who has survived unspeakable tragedy and loss: Beneath his handsome, well-mannered exterior lies an alter ego consumed by rage and an overwhelming impulse to “kill them all…”

Arielle Nightsong is a brave human, a rebel spirit, and an accomplished healer in her own right. Born into a harsh world of violence, cruelty, and danger, she was enslaved at the age of ten and given as a gift to the most depraved being in Mhier – the infamous king of the lycans. If not for her enduring friendship with a captive vampire, she might not have survived to escape the slave encampment…or to discover her mysterious role in an ancient Blood Curse. 

When Kagen and his brothers voyage into Mhier in search of their long lost father, it will take more than stealth and cunning to get out alive: Secrets will be revealed; loyalties will be tested; and an indomitable spirit will fracture beneath the weight of an impossible choice.

BLOOD FATHER ~ where destiny and duty collide.