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Friday, May 29, 2015

ENTER TO WIN A **FREE** AUDIO BOOK ~ Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn (valued at $24.96)!

The WINNERS of the Blood Destiny Audio Book Contest (below) are...
Dawn Heine
Patches Brazillion 
Brandy Life
Bobbie Brooks!!! 
How to claim your prize:
1. Please send an email to
2. Type "Audio Book Contest Winner" in the subject line
3. You will receive a reply with your free promotional code inside as well as instructions on how to claim your free audio book.
Welcome to the BLOOD DESTINY
(prizes valued at $24.96 each!)

I will be giving away FIVE FREE COPIES of Blood Destiny 
in audio book format on 
Friday, June 5th

by following three easy steps...

Copy the Blood Destiny Audio Book COVER IMAGE (below) (you will need the image for a few of the action-items in "step two...")

Choose & complete THREE of the six action-item choices below  

(choice one)
Go to TWITTER and Tweet the following: "I just entered a contest to win #BloodDestiny by #TessaDawn on audio book! @AuthorTessaDawn" 

 (choice two)
Go to FACEBOOK and post a new status on your timeline. (Be sure to include the cover image of the book with the post): "I just entered a contest to win Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn on Audio Book -- wish me luck!" (Again, be sure to tag me in the post > Tessa Dawn

(choice three)
Go to PINTEREST and PIN the cover photo on one of your boards. Add this caption: "I can't wait to hear Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn on audio book!" (Be sure to click "send" at the top of the image when you're done > send to Tessa Dawn. You can find my PINT page here.)

(choice four)
Go to INSTAGRAM and add the cover photo to your feed with the following caption: "I really want to win this audio book!" (Feel free to add any effects you'd like ;-)). (I don't have Instagram, so you will need to save the link or take a screen shot or forward to my FB or Twitter). 

(choice five) 
Go to YOU TUBE, watch the Blood Curse Series Trailer, and leave the following comment below the video: "I just entered a contest to win Blood Destiny, book #1, on Audio Book!"

(choice six) 
Choose ANY OTHER CREATIVE METHOD of sharing the book that you'd like (text a friend, send an email, share the You Tube trailer on your FB page, or come up with something completely original on your own), then take a screen shot of what you did or tag me or share a link in the "comments" section below. 

LEAVE A COMMENT (below this blog post) telling us what you did (the 3 action-items you chose and any related links or screen shots, if applicable). Please Note: your comment is your official entry! 

For example: "I did #1, #4, and #5." OR "I commented on You Tube, Twitter, and sent this text to my friend {screen shot}."   

That's it. 
Simply choose 3 actions, tell us about it, and have fun! :-)

Contest Begins: May 29, 2015
Contest Ends: June 5th, 2015 at midnight (MST)

Yes, you can enter more than once if you would like to increase your chances of winning: Participants may repeat the process once a day, every day, until the contest closes; and if you'd like to vary your choice of image(s), please feel free to use any BCS cover-image, meme, or photo from my FB albums

And yes, you can transfer or "gift" your winnings (so if you already own the book and you win, you can give it to someone else). :-)

All entries will be placed in a random drawing, and winners will be chosen at midnight on June 5th ~ winners will be announced on this blog (and my facebook page) on June 6th. At that time, you will be instructed on how to claim your prize via a free promotional code.  

Listen to a free sample of Blood Destiny NOW 
Written by Tessa Dawn
Narrated by Eric G. Dove

Check out the audio book on

Technical Difficulties: If for any reason, you can not get your comment to post on this blog (after following the above steps), or you have technical difficulties while completing the steps, please contact the BCS Administrator for assistance or other options at

Monday, May 25, 2015


The Blood Curse Series is 

(book # 1) 

And each subsequent book will follow as the year moves along

Narrated by Eric G Dove 

Listen to a five-minute audio sample