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Monday, March 4, 2013

You made BLOOD SHADOWS an Amazon Best Seller! Thank You

Just wanted to let all my incredible friends and readers know...

BLOOD SHADOWS quickly made its way to three Amazon Best Seller lists following our wonderful release party :-)

It even hit #2 in Kindle Fantasy/Paranormal!


Thanks everyone for such a wonderful weekend and release. I have had so much fun with all of you, and it is both humbling and motivating to watch the series progress. For me, it is a rare and special honor to spend an entire day with my readers; to share our love of Dark Fantasy and the written word together; and to regain a sense of perspective (that through it all -- the good, the bad, and the ugly :-) -- in the end, this crazy world of writing and publishing is still worth it)...

For that, I thank YOU!

And now it's time to get back to work :-)...

For those of you who have asked how to stay connected as the series moves along, there are three things you can do:

1. Consider joining the Blood Curse Series Forum: This group was created for you, to give readers a place to connect, chat, and read together ;-)...

2. Consider sharing your reactions and reviews on; B&N; or another social site. The more people who "chime in," the easier these sites make it for new readers to find the books.

3. Join the Blood Curse Mailing List if you would like to receive future notice of releases. The sign-up box can be found on the contact page of my website (TessaDawn.Com); and it remains the easiest way I have of notifying everyone at once.

Thanks again!
May your days be blessed, and may your dreams become your destiny!


Friday, March 1, 2013

**Free** Giveaway WINNERS!

Good Morning, Everyone!

Thank you so much for sharing in the online Book Release Party -- it was so much fun to hear from readers! As always, you guys are simply THE BEST!!!

The winners of the ***free giveaway*** are posted below, along with instructions for claiming your "prize."

First Place: Autographed Trade Paperback with a Mouse Pad
winner: Dennis Crosby

Second Place: eBook (Kindle or Nook) with a Mouse Pad
winner: Krystal C

Third Place: Two Mouse Pads (one for home & one for work ;-))
winner: Fairyluver75

In addition, I am going to be sending out THREE MORE Mouse Pads to the fourth, fifth, and sixth place winners!

Fourth Placewinner - Phyllis M

Fifth Placewinner - Quinn Cullen

Sixth Placewinner - Marci Mylott

How to claim your prize?

One:   Please send an email to
Two:   In the subject line, type "free giveaway winner"
Three: In the body of the email, please provide the following...

  •      The name you used on the site as well as your real name (so I know who you are and what you won :-))
  •      Your physical mailing address for the Trade Paperback and/or Mouse Pads (USA addresses only; please no PO boxes, thanks!)
  •      If you won an eBook, then provide the email address associated with your Kindle or Nook account.
That's it! 

Thanks again for joining me online. I can not express how much everyone's support and enthusiasm mean to me! It is in times like these -- while connecting with wonderful people like you -- that I am reminded of all that's magical about storytelling, the written word, and the quest to share it with others. You reside in my heart...always! :-)  Cheers.