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Friday, October 4, 2019


BLOOD ECHO: Book #11, Blood Curse Series

FAQ’s, Back Blurb, & series links below… 😊

Q. Will the book be available as an eBook, Audio Book, & Paperback?
A. Yes, all three.

Q. Where will I find the eBook?
A. At Barnes & Noble {Nook}; KOBO/Walmart {eReader}; Google & iTunes {most tablets and smart phones}; and Amazon {Kindle}. The above retailers will service multiple countries; however, the book is in English. Also, most of the above e-reader apps are available as *free* downloads, which work on the majority of electronic devices.

Q. Where will I find the Audio Book (and who is the narrator)?
A.  At & iTunes – and Eric Dove will be narrating, of course. 😊

Q. Will the audio book be released on November 14th, along with the other editions?
A.  I will do my best to make that happen; however, it is not up to me. Once Audible receives all the final files, THEY determine when the book is released (both on their website and iTunes) -- this means it could be a week or two later, but the files will be turned in on time. πŸ˜Š Please be aware, this also means there will not be a pre-order for the audio book (the book will be released and for sale when Audible releases it.)

Update: As of November 10, 2019: The audio book will NOT be released the same day as the print and eBooks (November 14th). It should show up about 2-3 weeks later. Again, the actual date will be decided by Audible, and I will not be given any advanced notice. That said, I WILL send out an email to everyone on my mailing list the moment it arrives. If you wish to join that list, please scroll to the bottom of this blog and click on the link. Thanks! 

Q. Where will I find the Paperback (and will autographed copies be available)?
A.  Amazon/BN/Book Depository (free worldwide shipping), and multiple other local stores & libraries – in other words, all the usual places. {Direct links will be made available on my website, as well as a ‘local-store’ search engine, as the date gets closer.} Here is the link to the BUY PAGE.

Oh, and yes; there is an ‘autographed-copy’ purchase link on my website right now: Purchase a signed, paperback edition.

Q. Will it be available for pre-order?
A. Yes, and it already is (in both eBook & Paperback). Please check my website for links to the various vendors. 

Q. Is this the last book in the series?
A. No, it is not. (In fact, BRADEN’S book is next!) <3 😊 <3

Q. What is the reading order for the series?
A. I’ve listed all the BCS books below…

Blood Genesis, prequel (short story)
Blood Destiny, 1
Blood Awakening, 2
Blood Possession, 3
Blood Shadows, 4
Blood Redemption, 5
Blood Father, 6
Blood Vengeance, 7
Blood Ecstasy, 8
Blood Betrayal, 9
Christmas In Dark Moon Vale, 9.5 (short story)
Blood Web, 10
Blood Echo, 11 ~ Coming Soon 😊


Let sleeping dogs lie…

Don’t stir up the past.

Especially when that past is an ancient, feral vampire sleeping at the bottom of an aged cobblestone well, one who is famished for blood, determined to claim you, and haunted by mystical shadows…remnants from the past.

Long ago, in a Romanian castle, the last females of a dying race called him Nanaşule. Godfather. One who wields the powers of the gods, yet behaves as Father, one who is both respected and beloved…at least before the Blood Curse.

One who hails from a long line of powerful mages who served the monarchy faithfully.
But something is different about Fabian Antonescu. He is haunted by visions of a golden hawk and a copper-eyed raven—cryptic vials of blood—and he will do anything to remain one step ahead of his memories. For the secrets shrouded in the fog could change everything. 
Gwendolyn Hamilton, as strong as she is, has already survived the unthinkable. She didn’t ask to be thrust into a predatory world of vampires, warriors, and ancient mages. She didn’t ask to be taken by Fabian.

Yet one touch of a stone, one electrical current, one fateful moment when a vampire’s eyes met hers were more than enough to set off an explosion — and cause a thunderous BLOOD ECHO.

If she hopes to survive, she must answer back…
To the call of the wild ~ to a savage vampire.
To the demands of antiquity in a modern world.
To the threat and promise of a looming Blood Moon ~ and the destiny that awaits her. 
The Blood Curse Series store-links…



Audible (audio books)

Barnes & Noble



Finally, if you would like to receive a personal email notice the morning of Blood ECHO’s release, please

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Much love!
Tessa Dawn

Sunday, March 3, 2019


It's finally here!!! 

When the savage demands of a dragyri male collide with the tragic misfortune of a human woman’s life, a race against time begins, and two very different worlds erupt into fire, devastation, and passion.
Available in eBook/Paperback/Audio Book

As an immortal mercenary and all-around badass, Axeviathon Saphyrius has spent the last two centuries in service to a fearsome dragon lord, while biding his time awaiting his fated female – the one woman he is destined to claim and love.

He never expected to be cast into a nightmare fraught with shadow-walkers, sin-eaters, and lethal pagan enemies – he never expected his chosen mate to be up to her eyeballs in the same malevolent cult or to be used as an unwitting pawn in an epochs-old rivalry. So when his amulet heats up and her eyes turn sapphire blue, he knows he is in for a wild ride. This won’t be an ordinary claiming.

Amber Carpenter’s life may as well have been cursed. From her rocky upbringing in the foster-care system to her terrifying abduction at age fifteen by a ruthless pack of thugs, she has learned to play the hand life deals her. And somewhere along the way, she has even made peace with her tragic fate.

When a gorgeous, yet savage warrior strolls up to her teller line in King’s Castle Credit Union, Amber knows right away that something is wrong…

The way he looks at her…
The way he approaches her…
The fact that he already knows her name.
And his unnatural, hypnotic eyes—raven-black pupils surrounded by sapphire irises, a hidden fire blazing in their depths.
Amber knows he’ll be back.

When the savage demands of a dragyri male collide with the tragic misfortune of a human woman’s life, a race against time begins, and two very different worlds erupt into fire, passion, and devastation.




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Blood Genesis, prequel
Blood Destiny, 1
Blood Awakening, 2
Blood Possession, 3
Blood Shadows, 4
Blood Redemption, 5
Blood Father, 6
Blood Vengeance, 7
Blood Ecstasy, 8
Blood Betrayal, 9
Christmas In Dark Moon Vale, 9.5 (Novella)
Blood Web, 10
Blood Echo (Coming Next)

Dragons Realm, 1
Dragons Reign, 2

Zanaikeyros - Son of Dragons, 1
Axeviathon - Son of Dragons

Daywalker - The Beginning 

(to all the above books) 


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