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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Welcome to the official release of BLOOD REDEMPTION!

November 1, 2013: The *free* giveaway WINNERS are... 
#1) Charlie Daye (1st place-autographed copy)
#2) Christy Tevepaugh (2nd place-eBook)
#3) Bobbi Kinion (3rd place-eBook). 
#4) Trick-or-treat Trivia Quiz: Lindsey V (autographed copy)
Dear Winners, please send an email to with "contest winner" in the subject line. If you won an autographed copy, provide your mailing address. If you won an ebook, specify your preference for Kindle or Nook and provide the email address you would like your ebook sent to. Thank you! 

To all my fangtastic friends, fans, and readers:

~ Happy Halloween ~ 

and thank you so much for joining me! 

Now let's party! :-) 

ONE:  If you haven't already, please “JOIN THIS SITE” by clicking on the icon in the upper right-hand corner. (You do not have to join to enter the **free giveaway** contests).

(*Note: if you don't see the "Join this Site" icon or can't post, it's likely because you're using Internet Explorer as your browser & certain versions are incompatible with Google's "followers widget!" Please try another search engine -- Google CHROME is available as a free download! :-) Thanks!

TWO: Please "ENTER TO WIN" a **FREE** Prize by Posting a Comment below. (Oh, and feel free to talk to other readers. ALL comments count!)

How to post a comment:
1. Click Comments at the bottom of THIS entry. Then scroll down to the very last post & fill out the comments box. OR 
2. Click on the date beneath any post (this will open a comments box).

Again, Please feel free to reply to other readers! Oh, and please add a **Spoiler Alert** if a comment reveals details about a book. Thanks! 

**FREE** Prizes
First Place: FREE Autographed copy of Blood Redemption.
Second Place: FREE eBOOK copy of Blood Redemption 
Third Place: Another FREE eBook copy of Blood Redemption.
eBooks must go to a Kindle of Nook account 

The winners will be chosen randomly at midnight tonight, and their names will be posted on the author's Facebook page – AND on this BLOG – tomorrow: November 1, 2013. Please check back to see if you've won. If you have, send an email to as soon as possible to claim your book and exchange shipping information.

THREE: Be sure to keep an eye out for the TEN hidden "Trick or Treat!" Halloween Trivia Questions posted throughout the day ~ the first reader to answer all ten questions correctly (by posting a time-stamped answer beneath each question) will win another free autographed copy of Blood Redemption. 

I will be here all day adding comments and answering questions.  Thank you so much for coming!

             Blood Redemption AMAZON               

Friday, October 18, 2013

WHERE and HOW to get involved with Author Tessa Dawn and the BLOOD CURSE SERIES

Over the last few weeks, I have had such an overwhelming response to my request for a Street Team that I wanted to let ALL my friends, fans, and readers know about the various ways to get involved, show support, and just plain have fun with the Blood Curse Series.

While the Street Team is now closed for book #5, there are many other forums and options available for Blood Curse Series Readers...



This is your typical drop in and chat group -- more like a BOOK CLUB -- and it's for anyone who wants to chat about the series (new and old readers alike). Anyone can create a topic, anyone can comment, and we discuss everything from vampires & Dark Fantasy to individual characters & specific books. The door is always open. 


This is a slightly more focused group ~ for those who consider themselves fans of the series (new or old!) You will always find the latest news here as well as other interested readers, so stop by and chat with the author, each other, or feel free to post comments and ask questions. You may share your love of Dark Moon Vale in whatever creative way you like. 


Readers can always find me on my primary facebook page. 
Whether you're new to the series, a long-time reader, or just checking things out for the first time, this page is for you.  


If you like to get your news -- and leave your comments -- in 150 characters or less, then this option is for you. Keep up with BCS news and meet other readers. 


While I'm not very good at posting unique blogs just to keep up my writing (LOL ;-)), if it's important or happening in the BCS world, it will make it onto the BLOG: 
New Release Announcements; Book Release Parties; Contests; and the like -- 
you can find them all here.


This is a very active group, consisting of some of the most diehard BCS fans: All of these readers have read every book in the series ~ many of them have read them more than once! The purpose of the Street Team is to help promote the latest release, keep an active discussion going online, and more or less "beat the streets" on behalf of the Silivasis
and Dark Moon Vale.

Again, the Street Team is now closed (as of book #5, Blood Redemption); however, anyone who wants to help support the series is always welcome to do so -- and greatly appreciated! As new openings arise, I plan to rotate new members in.


Read excerpts from the book(s); view trailers; peruse reviews; and learn about the characters. If it has anything to do with the series, you can find it on the website.


So there you have it: Ways to get involved, stay in touch, and have fun with other readers while enjoying the series. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your passionate support and constant encouragement. You will never know how much your kindness means to me!

Until next time, stay positive! 
(A+) ;-)


Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Blood Curse Series TRIVIA QUIZ ~ Win a free autographed copy of the upcoming release!

Hey fans and friends,

I thought I would have a little bit of fun, leading up to the next release: BLOOD REDEMPTION, #5 in the Blood Curse Series (coming October 31, 2013). I have posted a character's trivia quiz below, and the first reader to answer all 25 questions correctly will win a free, autographed copy of the new release! So, race to the finish... :-)

***spoiler alert*** The "quiz" poses questions from the first four books.

1. Answers must be specific.
2. Answers must be posted here on the Tessa Dawn BLOG in order to be considered.
3. After each post, I will comment whether the answers are all correct -- or not (but I won't say which ones are incorrect ;-)). The first one to cross the finish line with all 25 answers, correct...wins. 
4. The winner will be announced on November 1st, 2013 (the day after the release).

The Blood Curse Series Super-Fan QUIZ.

1.  What is Nathaniel Silivasi's middle name?
2.  Braden Bratianu has a Vampyr brother: What is his first name?
3.  In Blood Destiny, there were two lycans that entered the shed (when Jocelyn and Braden were attacked). One was Tristan Hart. Who was the second lycan?
4.  In Blood Possession, Napolean deals lethally with Brooke's step father: What was his full name?
5.  What is Braden's Constellation (ruling moon)?
6.  Where did Brooke Adams live before she came to Dark Moon Vale?
7.  Where did Deanna Dubois live before she came to Dark Moon Vale?
8.  Which vampire runs the Dark Moon Vale CASINO?
9.  Who is the Chief of Security at the Dark Moon Vale CASINO? (Hint: He's human).
10. Name Ciopori Demir's three siblings (alive and deceased)?
11. Shelby Silivasi's destiny was named Dalia: What is her last name?
12. In Blood Awakening, Marquis "deals" with a biker gang. One of the members is named Dirk Warner. What does he have tattooed on his neck?
13.  Nachari Silivasi graduated from the University as a Master Wizard? Name one of his wizard classmates.
14.  Where is Jocelyn Levi from (what city/state)?
15.  Joelle Parker met a tragic end in Blood Destiny: What is her father's name?
16.  Ramsey Olaru has two brothers: Which one is his twin?
17.  What kind of car does Kristina Riley-Silivasi drive?
18.  What did Marquis & Ciopori's name their son (full name)?
19.  What kind of car does Nachari Silivasi drive?
20.  What is Napolean Mondragon's constellation (ruling moon)?
21.  What was the name of the demoness that followed Nachari out of the Abyss?
22.  What did Napolean & Brooke name their son (full name)?
23.  Salvatore Nistor has two brothers (one living, one deceased): Name them both.
24.  Salvatore Nistor orchestrated a coupe to kill the first Dark Chief of Council (Chairman)? What was his name?
25.  What did Tiffany Matthews do for PRIMAR?

Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey Blood Curse Series Fans, 

I'm looking for a handful of die-hard Dark Moon Vale enthusiasts to help get the word out about the upcoming Halloween release of BLOOD REDEMPTION (#5 in the Blood Curse Series). 

A Street Team pretty much travels all over the internet the week of a New Release and "shouts, blogs, posts, tweets, and pimps (did I say that?) the latest release & the series... . In short, they get the word out in spectacular fashion. 

In exchange, the author usually comes up with a few special perks -- or treats -- for the team. :-)

If this sounds like something you would like to do, and you have the time and enthusiasm to jump in with both fangs...I mean, er, feet...then please send an email to: with "Street Team" in the subject and your direct email address in the body

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be contacting the team via email list to let them know what we hope to do and what I hope to provide in exchange... And for those of you who love the series but don't have time -- no worries! I couldn't adore ALL my readers more, and I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with this new all the ways we share our love of vampires .


Some souls are forged in fire.
Some hearts are packed in ice.
Some elements were never meant to be combined…

A journey of elemental darkness and primordial light.

Coming October 31, 2013

BLOOD REDEMPTION ~ Available on Halloween!

There's nothing like ghosts, goblins, and vampires to set off Halloween night; and this year, BLOOD REDEMPTION, #5 in the Blood Curse Series, will be in your trick or treat bag. :-)

The official Release Date for Blood Redemption is October 31, 2013.

As always, I will be hosting an all-day book release party on my blog, complete with **free** giveaways and maybe some Halloween shenanigans ;-). I hope to see everyone there and will be sending out notices and reminders via facebook, twitter, and the Blood Curse Mailing list as the date approaches.

Can't wait to share this one with my readers!!!

Until then...beware of things that go bump in the night. :-)


Some souls are forged in fire.
Some hearts are packed in ice.
Some elements were never meant to be combined...
A journey of elemental darkness and primordial light.