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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tell Me a Story! Readers, post your own short stories for free...

Tell Me a Story...

It should come as no surprise that writers love to read. Or that my favorite genre just happens to be Dark Fantasy.  As a result, for the remainder of April, May, and June, I am inviting my delightful, passionate, imaginative readers (or anyone else who happens by the blog) to Tell Me a Story: write or paste a short fictional tale in the "comments" section after this post; let others read it along with yours truly; and share in the fun of both reading and writing!  

Readers, feel free to comment on any or all of the stories -- just so long as comments remain fun, kind, and playful at heart. You don't need to be an author or a professional writer to do this: Who cares if your verbs don't conjugate, or your participles dangle! (What does that even mean??? ;-)) Just have fun & follow these simple rules:

1. Keep it short: ranging from 3 paragraphs to 2 pages.
2. Keep it paranormal (some sort of supernatural or dark fantasy theme).
3. Keep it rated pg-13 (this is a public blog, after all ;-))
4. Please click on "COMMENT" to post a new story
                click on "REPLY" to comment on a story already posted.
                (And don't worry if it gets mixed up...) 
5. And yes, you can post as "anonymous" or use a "pen name" if you like.
Other than that, you can write about anything you want... 
For those who already have short-stories, post away. 
For those who need a little "push" or incentive, feel free to choose one of the following "openers" and add your own ending (again, 3-5 paragraphs is FINE -- just have fun).

Story A...

   They say be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it and all that stuff...
   But how could I have known that wishing to meet a dark handsome stranger would turn into this? That it might someday cost me my life?
   I mean, vampires don't really exist, right?

Story B...
   The low, feral growl rose from the shadows as if part of the night. It surrounded me like a heavy tunic in the cool, night air, wrapping me in fear.
   Cloaking me in terror.

Story C...

   The sign in front of the dark, abandoned hotel said Route 38: No vacancy.
   It should have said, End of the Road: Run!

Story D...

   Okay, so some of us are slower than others...
   Still, did I really deserve all this?

Story E...

Everything or anything you want! :-)  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Blood Possession CONTEST WINNERS

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for making the online book release party such a success!!!
Since there were so many posts and entries, we asked the contest provider to choose THREE winners for the **free autographed copy**   

The winners are...

1.  mtaylor70
2. Nicole Argendorf 
3. Heather P.


How to claim your prize...
1. Please contact me at as soon as possible 
2. Place "Contest Winner" in the SUBJECT of the email
3. Provide your FULL mailing address in the body of the email.

Thanks again, everyone and Happy Reading!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome to the official Release of Blood Possession!

To all my fangtastic friends, fans, & readers: Thank you so much for joining in the celebration -- it's finally here!!!

Now let's get down to celebrating... :-) 

ONE:  If you haven't already, please Vote in the Poll (to the right).
TWO: If you haven't already, please “Join this Site,” (icon in the upper right-hand corner). 
THREE: In order to enter the FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOK GIVEAWAY, please Post a Comment (below). Oh, and feel free to talk to other readers. ALL comments count!
(*Note: if you don't see the "Join this Site" icon or can't post, it's probably b/c you're using Internet Explorer as your browser & certain versions are incompatible w/google's "followers" widget! Please try another search engine! {Google CHROME is available as a free download} :-) Thanks!

How to post a comment:
1. Click Comments at the bottom of THIS entry.
2. Scroll down to the very last post & fill out the comments box OR click on the date beneath any post.

Again, Please feel free to reply to other readers! Oh, and please add a **Spoiler Alert** if a comment reveals details about a book. Thanks! 

 Contest Details: **FREE** Autographed Book Giveaway Contest
The winner will be chosen randomly at midnight tonight, and his/her name will be posted on the author's Facebook page –AND on this BLOG – tomorrow: April 16, 2012. Please check back to see if you won. If so, email as soon as possible to claim your book and exchange shipping information.

I will be here all day adding comments and answering questions.  Thank you so much for coming!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Join me on April 15th to celebrate the release of BLOOD POSSESSION

Coming April 15th: BLOOD POSSESSION by Tessa Dawn
Book #3 in the Blood Curse Series

Dear Reader,
I am excited to announce the upcoming release of BLOOD POSSESSION

The title will be available in both print and eBook formats and is currently available for pre-order at and 

For more information, to read sample chapters, or to view the video trailer, please visit my website at...

I will be hosting an all-day, online Book Release Party on April 15th right here on my blog, and readers can enter to win a **FREE** Autographed copy of the book. Please feel free to join me ~ I'd love to see you...

Best Always,
Tessa Dawn