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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reader Update

Dec 19, 2010
Dear Reader,

Thank you for all the early support of Blood Destiny. We have received some great reviews, and as of this date, it has climbed to the #1 Best Seller in Dark Fantasy position on You guys are awesome!

For those of you who own Nooks and are waiting to download an eBook, rest assured the eBook will be available at B&N soon; however, in the meantime, please see the BUY THE BOOKS page for an alternate way to download to your Nook today...

With regard to the website, I have also set up an official fan page ~ a place for readers to meet one another, chat about the series, and or start discussions about all things vampire/paranormal. Feel free to drop by anytime; the page is YOURS. There is also a new reviews page where you can send your reviews.

As for book two, Blood Awakening, the new cover should be done soon, and I can't wait to post it on this site! The release is scheduled for fall/winter 2011, but a really strong showing on Blood Destiny could possibly speed that up (so don't forget to mention the book on Facebook, send a few tweets and emails to friends, pass your copy along to others, & continue to get the word out.) :-)

Keepin' it fangtastic,
Tessa Dawn

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