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Monday, April 11, 2011

Writing Tips: Blog One (#1)

Writing Tips ~

Blog One: Welcome

The motivation behind writing tips: Lately, I've received so many messages from readers who also love to write! Some of them are thinking about writing books of their own while others have already written stories and are looking for some “what-to-do-next” advice...  Since there seems to be such a strong interest in the subject, I’ve decided to dedicate some blog-time to tips and information, starting at square one (what to write & how to choose a genre); throwing in a host of tips & info along the way (outlining, rough-draft, rewriting, editing, & polishing); and ending at the final-goal of many of my readers (the publishing process in a nutshell).

I must say up front that everything in this blog is just one person’s opinion: There are countless ways to approach—and experience—writing. Since I can only share my own, please (and always) follow your heart…

That said, welcome, and let’s get started…

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