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Monday, August 15, 2011

You are invited! (to the Blood Curse Series Chat Group)

We have been having a great time chatting about the Blood Curse Series at "Q&A with Tessa Dawn"

  • No subject is off-limits...
  • Readers can create new threads, respond to existing threads, or speak directly to other readers...
  • The only rules are kindness and respect of others...

So, if you'd like to introduce yourself; gab about Marquis, Nathaniel, Napolean (or their destinies); share an insight or hope for Braden or Kristina; discuss the wicked chamber of Cobras, Salvatore's "unique punishment," or the Dark One's Colony (or just hang back in the wings and read what others have to say), please join us at ~

Q&A with Tessa Dawn

***Spoiler Alert!*** 
We definitely talk details! ;-)

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