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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please help -- I need 100 readers...

Dear Readers,
Please help me TAG my books on Amazon. I am trying to get over 100 tags, but I need your help! And it will only take 90 seconds ;-).

How to tag the books...
1. Go to Amazon.Com and type in Blood Destiny (or click on the link below).
2. Scroll down to "TAGS Customers Associated with this product" (or click on the link below).
3 You will see a bunch of words next to boxes (i.e. Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Series...) Click on "Agree with these tags" and check EVERY box you see (up to 15 checks are allowed).
4. Repeat the process for Blood Destiny (Kindle);  Blood Destiny (Paperback);  Blood Awakening (Kindle);  & Blood Awakening (Paperback). (Again, the links below will take you directly to each).
5. Last, please send a tweet, email, or wall-post asking others to do the same.

I really appreciate this, folks!
I will post updates all week to let you know how close we are to getting 100 tags...
Thanks again!

Blood Destiny Kindle
Blood Destiny Paperback
Blood Awakening Kindle
Blood Awakening Paperback


  1. i'll even go under hubbys amazon account and do it ;)

  2. Thank you, thank you, everyone! So nice to have such good friends :)

  3. DONE! It was a pleasure to TAG your books! They really are GREAT READS!! Thank you so much for all your time and care!

  4. Done! Always willing to help out Tessa ;) DeAnna

  5. Done :) Hi Tessa! I am completely wow'd right now! I just finished reading Blood Destiny today and started Blood Awakening (i actually had to tear myself from the kindle to leave this message for you lol) I can't say enough how MUCH i am in love with these books!!! I've been reading ALL different urban fantasy books from lots of different authors but i have to say, not one can compare to what i've read in your AMAZING Blood Curse Series!!! I can now say i have a new found favorite author and her name is Tessa Dawn! Please keep them coming Tessa <3 A fan for forever. Carrieann