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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blood Possession: A Sneak Peak from the upcoming release...

You asked for it, and you got it: a sneak peak from Blood Possession.
Dear Friends & Readers, I have received so many requests for "just a tiny, sneak peak" of the upcoming book, that I finally decided to do it: You guys have been so wonderful to me; how could I not? :-)  For those who don't want to know anything AT ALL about the book before it's released, do not read the short passages. For those who are curious, but don't want the plot spoiled, I think you will be okay. I chose the passages very carefully to avoid revealing anything about critical relationships, pivotal occurrences, or outcomes.  In fact, Napolean's passage is extremely short because I couldn't go any further (forward or back) without creating a ***spoiler***.
 Enjoy, and I hope to see you all in April at the online book release party.

Passage One: From Napolean Mondragon's Blood Moon
Napolean's upper lip twitched, no doubt revealing a hint of fangs, and he felt the heat in his eyes, knowing they were glowing red. He could hardly speak. “Come, or I’ll take you.” His voice was pitched low in an imperious command, removing any ability she had to refuse. He was an Ancient—his power unmatched among all the Vampyr—and knowing this, he tried to soften what he did.
She was trembling uncontrollably now as she began to scoot toward the door, her body betraying her will.


Passage Two: A private moment with Salvatore Nistor 
For a moment, Salvatore had simply watched her—kneeling in the dirt, squirming like a worm—but his patience had not lasted. Jane had moved when he had told her to be still. She had spoken when he had warned her not to make a sound. And she had more-or-less worn on his last-nerve…just because she had. He had been determined to punish her for her insolence.
He laughed now, thinking about it.
They had been such minor infractions, really.
But it simply didn’t matter.
Defiance was defiance, and his enemies never went unpunished.
His lips twitched, and he sat up on the bed, contemplating the importance of that truth: Napolean Mondragon would not go unpunished, either. He could not go unpunished. The Dark Ones would have their revenge, and Salvatore would benefit politically in the process. He would pay Marquis Silivasi back for taking Ciopori from his lair. He would appease Oskar Vadovsky by demonstrating his superior knowledge of Dark Magick. And he would regain the respect of the remaining council members—the two who had witnessed his own unspeakable degradation—by doing what had never been done before: He would kill Napolean Mondragon, the ancient, here-to-fore invincible leader of the house of Jadon.
His plan couldn’t fail. 
Passage Three: Nachari Silivasi performing a task for the house of Jadon
“Relax,” he whispered into her ear. “Lay your head against my shoulder, Jolie…and relax.”
Her head lulled back, and her eyes fluttered closed, even as her body grew limp against him. It was no effort, whatsoever, to hold her up with one arm; she couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds.
Nachari tuned into the alluring sound of her pulse, a slow, steady thrumming in her neck. He parted his lips and let his canines lengthen into two sharp points. Jolie shuddered as if she sensed his intention, but a soft nuzzle to her neck brought her quickly back to submission. Nachari struck with aged precision, sinking both fangs deep into her jugular in one smooth, flawless motion, his mind circumventing her fear—and her pain—before it could register through the complex, somatosensory cortex of her brain.
She twitched violently and her body began to convulse, but that was a normal reaction, one that would subside in as little as thirty-seconds.
Nachari drew several, deep, heady gulps of the warm, rich substance from her vein and analyzed it as it slid down his throat: her character, her needs, her hopes and her fears, the current DNA—as well as the timeless genetic memories—that made Jolie Anderson the distinctly unique person that she was.



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