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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tell Me a Story! Readers, post your own short stories for free...

Tell Me a Story...

It should come as no surprise that writers love to read. Or that my favorite genre just happens to be Dark Fantasy.  As a result, for the remainder of April, May, and June, I am inviting my delightful, passionate, imaginative readers (or anyone else who happens by the blog) to Tell Me a Story: write or paste a short fictional tale in the "comments" section after this post; let others read it along with yours truly; and share in the fun of both reading and writing!  

Readers, feel free to comment on any or all of the stories -- just so long as comments remain fun, kind, and playful at heart. You don't need to be an author or a professional writer to do this: Who cares if your verbs don't conjugate, or your participles dangle! (What does that even mean??? ;-)) Just have fun & follow these simple rules:

1. Keep it short: ranging from 3 paragraphs to 2 pages.
2. Keep it paranormal (some sort of supernatural or dark fantasy theme).
3. Keep it rated pg-13 (this is a public blog, after all ;-))
4. Please click on "COMMENT" to post a new story
                click on "REPLY" to comment on a story already posted.
                (And don't worry if it gets mixed up...) 
5. And yes, you can post as "anonymous" or use a "pen name" if you like.
Other than that, you can write about anything you want... 
For those who already have short-stories, post away. 
For those who need a little "push" or incentive, feel free to choose one of the following "openers" and add your own ending (again, 3-5 paragraphs is FINE -- just have fun).

Story A...

   They say be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it and all that stuff...
   But how could I have known that wishing to meet a dark handsome stranger would turn into this? That it might someday cost me my life?
   I mean, vampires don't really exist, right?

Story B...
   The low, feral growl rose from the shadows as if part of the night. It surrounded me like a heavy tunic in the cool, night air, wrapping me in fear.
   Cloaking me in terror.

Story C...

   The sign in front of the dark, abandoned hotel said Route 38: No vacancy.
   It should have said, End of the Road: Run!

Story D...

   Okay, so some of us are slower than others...
   Still, did I really deserve all this?

Story E...

Everything or anything you want! :-)  


  1. .....of course I realised the folly of my ways as I criss crossed across the old mounds in the cemetary, but to my credit I felt I was ok, the neighbors after all were not going to be disturbing me this quiet night, so what if it was after midnight, so what that a black cat hap hazzardly ran in front of me.

    It was a wise decision I felt sure of it, so why was my heart practically jumping out of my mouth, that happened to be bone dry, ok so the full moon played it's part in this seduction of my nerves.
    Quietly I walked around an 18th Century tomb stone noting it's name; Lucius Roman Valentine, goosebumps rose to greet me as I stood there, I roll my eyes telling myself this is what I get for coming here after dark but well it is a short cut to my apartment and it is far safer here than alleyways.

    Cursing my waning bravery I pull my jacket tight around me.
    I hurry along the old cobbled pavement trying not to let my over active imagination kill me with a heart attack.
    A branch cracks and I stop dead in my tracks, of course it has to be a squirrel right, they do make noise when they walk don't they? I stop in my tracks someone's feet are in my path, I tell myself to count to ten not to scream straight away, there has to be a logical explanation, I look up and my breath becomes paralized, it's him. The man I dreamed of, sweet devine God's, Michael Angelo would weep looking at him, he is perfection personified and every pore in my body oozes pheramones in reaction to his beauty, I realize I am open mouthed and quickly shut my mouth, my breaths have become feeble pants, he chooses that moment to smile, to my utter shame it becomes my downfall, my knees go from under me, who is this Man, his head falls to the side of his shoulder as if he is contemplating answering me which of course is obsurd how would he know what I'm thinking, Lord am I loosing my grip on reality fast.

    His smile broadens and it's like an angel has come alive in front of me, I feel cheated of normal behavior, he is exquisite. I wish I could just kiss him there and then, seriously wish I had not walked through this cemetary.
    "Why ever not little one?"
    I feel my eyes fighting to pop out of my head, seriously did he just do that, did he just read my mind or did I say it openly infront of him.
    Again he smiles, "My name is Lucius but you know that already."
    My heart which had been barely holding onto my body about burst out of my mouth, my labored breathing worked up a hundred notches to hyperventillation, I then choose to fall to my knees, I can't deal with this.

    I feel cool strong hands on my shoulder, Lucius is there I don't even need to look, he pulls my hair out of my way, tells me to breathe deeply and slowly.
    Dear Gods what next.....

    1. Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, I LOVE it, Jane! Thank you -- I am going to have to think of a prize at the end of

      Big smiles!

    2. Seriously... if this is a book I want to read it!

  2. I see her again, but this time it’s different, more real and frightening. She turns and with recognition she launches herself towards me, with a fury blazing in her eyes. I scream and turn to run but within seconds she’s one me. She’s old, haggard, and filthy. I gag at the smell pouring off her, like rotting corpses. Her head violently twists and turns in abnormal ways. She screams in my face, but not a sound escapes her lips.

    She haunts my dreams and I know I must wake up or die in my sleep from a heart attack. I close my eyes and pray that I am released from this hellish nightmare.

    She leans in close to my face and whisper’s, “I’m coming for you Robyn.” When I open my eyes she’s gone, but her laughter echoes in the distance, softly fading away.

    Shawna D.

    1. OMG...more, more...

      Who is she? Why does she look like that? Why is she haunting Robyn???


      (This is so much fun!)

  3. Just as I passed the guest suite – AKA – Melissa’s room, I sensed something was off. I took a step backwards, peered inside and gasped. All of the linens had been pulled off the bed and thrown about the room. “What the hell?”
    The logical side of my brain tried to make sense of what I was seeing but the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach was leading me to believe that maybe last night wasn’t a dream after all and I was not alone in this house. But, being me, I had to argue with myself, “Don’t be ridiculous Aria. I’m sure there is some kind of logical explanation for this.”
    Determined not to freak myself out I headed back into Melissa’s room and remade the bed. Then set out to finish cleaning my own room.
    All done with my room I walked back down the hall and stuck my head into Melissa’s room – the bed was still made. I let out a big sigh of relief, grabbed the dirty linens sitting by the stairs and made my way to the laundry room.
    The laundry room was located just off the kitchen, my plan, was to kill two birds with one stone, get the laundry started and grab a quick bite to eat before the granite guys arrived.
    The minute I stepped into the kitchen I wanted to run back out. Every cabinet and drawer was standing open. “This is not happening! This is not fricken happening!”
    I dropped the linens where I stood, jogged into the kitchen and quickly closed everything hoping that would make me feel better. I refused to believe that I was living in a haunted house. I went back over and picked up the linens and proceed to the laundry room door.
    I flung the door open and turned on the light and for the briefest moment a man stood before me. A scream escaped my lips as I tried to back away from this intruder. My shoe caught on one of the sheets and I fell. I tried to move away from the door but the more I fought to get away the more I got tangled in the sheets.
    Too many seconds were passing by and I was not running yet. I looked up, afraid he’d be coming after me, but he was gone; disappeared, vanished, as if he was never there. Was I hallucinating? Could what I had seen been a figment of my imagination? The only assurance I had that he was real was the image of black hair and steel gray eyes seared into my brain.

    1. Now that gives new meaning to getting tangled in the sheets with a Yikes! So now, I have to know -- was he a ghost...or a man...or something else...???

      I love these great imaginations!!! :-)

    2. He was definately a ghost mixed with a little something more... he he.

    3. MORE need I say it again MORE I beg of you :-D

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  5. The low, feral growl rose from the shadows as if part of the night. It surrounded me like a heavy tunic in the cool, night air, wrapping me in fear.
    Cloaking me in terror. The sounds that filled the air seemed as if they were in front of me but to my surprise they were behind me. My feet that once were walking began to run and no matter how fast I ran whatever I heard behind me was right on top of me now so close I could smell it the scent was that of a wet dog. Did someone forget to feed their pet and for some reason it decided to make me the main course. I stopped turned around and everything just happened so fast it was a blur.
    I woke up in a hospital the nurse told me to relax. I asked " How did I get here?" She told me a man brought me in animal attack. In my mind I figured damn dog bit me but how am I still alive and why do I only have two bandaged spots on my body. My arm and my thigh. The man must have scared it away. So as my mind just raced and tried to remember anything it exhausted me and I passed out.
    Slowly opening my eyes a man sits by me I do not know him so this must be the stranger that saved my life. He is very handsome dark hair and green eyes what wonderful eyes. I am lost in them for a moment and then he speaks. "Wasn't sure if you were going to make it but I got you here as fast as I could my name is Damen" "Thank you Damen for saving me although I do not remember what happened it couldn't have been good if I am here" Letting out a little laugh as to lighten the mood he didn't laugh all he could do is stare at me as if he looked away I may disappear. Not sure to feel flattered or awkward because his stare looked as if it was searching for my soul.
    Time had gone by I finally could go home after a week of being in the hospital and poked with plenty of needles my arms looked as if I was a drug addict. It felt nice to be back in my bed for the rest of the day and into the night I slept and had crazy dreams of running in the woods and chasing animals. I woke up just as I caught one.
    My head in a haze I got some coffee enjoyed that on the porch and then went about my day. Later that night I went for a walk and felt as if someone was watching me sent a shiver through my body but I kept walking till I ended up in a wooded area. It was strange because I never would have come here for the simple fact I don't like bugs but tonight nothing bothered me. I felt more alive and full of energy. I got deeper in and still felt as though eyes were on me so I stopped looked around and yelled out "I know you are there so just show yourself" just as I said that a hand touched my arm I jumped screamed and pulled away ready to fight for my life but as I pulled I fell to the ground. I looked up to see my savior Damen and a little relief swept over me but also some panic why was he following me.
    "Don't be frightened I know it seems as though I am stalking you and I am sorry for that but I need to tell you what happened to you that night" he was so serious and almost anxious to tell me. "I am prepared to listen how bout a hand" he helped me up and also brushed me off "Thank you" I said to him and we started walking. Just as he was about to tell me my body felt like it was being twisted I fell to my knees and screamed.

    1.! Love it :-)

      The phrases "Slowly opening my eyes a man sits by me I do not know him so this must be the stranger that saved my life" were riveting, but that ending? I was wondering if you would turn into a Guess I got my answer. Wow -- very cool!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. breath came out painfully quick, my knees barely holding me up off the cold hard ground, my heart exploding into a bloom of desire, he knelt there in front of me, his strong cold hands cupping my face so tenderly.
    Momentarily weakened by his presence I could not speak. My mind fighting itself to explain the impossible, Lucius Roman Valentine knelt before me, gazing into my eyes, my mind threatened to flee my body by knocking me unconsious, my heart bodering on a dangerous rythm...
    Lucius, I could not stop looking at him, his eyes were a molten grey with slivers of ivy flecked through them, his face was hand sculpted by the angels from heaven and surely they wept when they let him go...
    As I pondered his unrivalled beauty he moved forward, my breath failed, my heart stopped it's frantic tango, was he going to kiss me, surely not, he stroked my cheek with his thumb gazing into my eyes, this has to be a dream, Lucius chose that moment to smile, the clouds parted over the full moon, the nocternal animals stopped their heavenly chorus, we all waited in that suspended moment...

  8. The low, feral growl rose from the shadows as if part of the night. It surrounded me like a heavy tunic in the cool, night air. Cloaking me in terror, and something more, something I hadn’t felt in long, long time … desire. My betraying body only added to my confusion and fear.
    A memory, long forgotten, teased my mind as the predator circled just beyond the tree line. I pictured him pacing with unnatural patience, while the rumbles in his chest sent tantalizing tremors through my core.
    I’d been here before. In a dream, maybe, though I couldn’t bring the memory to full awareness. And with his growls becoming more urgent, it didn’t seem prudent to remain in the clearing a moment longer.
    With speed born from my sprinting days in track and field, I spun to face the trail I’d so stupidly traveled to get here and launched myself like a missile from its silo. It took only a moment to realize my stalker was in pursuit, charging behind me, running on two legs not four.
    Two legs?
    My old memory pushed against the present fighting for release.
    I lost my chance to remember when two strong arms swept me up from behind. Massive hands surrounded my waist, lifting me into the air before settling me against his back.
    “You silly girl. Hold onto my neck and wrap your legs around me,” a masculine voice commanded, sending shivers spiraling through me.
    What choice did I have? He was running faster than my prized thoroughbred. Obeying was my sole chance of survival. Falling to my death, while turned on for the first time in forever, wasn’t an option.
    Catching my breath, I managed to whisper: “Who the hell are you?” This I had to hear.
    “The one saving your life.” His sarcasm wasn’t lost on me.
    As if to confirm his comment, a chorus of howls rose just behind us, and then … I remembered.

    1. Oh. My. Gosh. Love it. "The one saving your life" -- I didn't see that coming. And then, she suddenly remembered..." What???? Awesome. Ready to read more. LOL

  9. Super fun idea Tessa! I still haven't finished my trailer. I have all the ingredients, but my edits just came from the publisher. So I'm going through those first. So much to do. I just had to have some writing fun with one of your prompts, though.