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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blood Shadows ~ Update

Hey Everyone,

I've received several requests for an update, so here it is:

Blood Shadows is coming along nicely--moving forward daily :-). The first draft is complete, and it is now in the rewrite phase (once it hits editing, there should be a concrete release date). In addition, work should begin shortly on the COVER, and I can't wait to have that real, tangible evidence to share with my readers!

Along those lines, here is a very short sneak peak (for those who have asked for the same...) ** Spoiler Alert** Nachari is standing behind Deanna. She is very nervous, and she has more or less asked him what he's doing...

“I am preparing to bite you,” he murmured in her ear.
She stiffened. “No you’re not. I—”
“Shh,” he whispered. “Hush.”
“Don’t tell me to hush,” she retorted. “You—”
And just like that, he bit her.
Actually bit her.

Okay, so that was more like a teaser, but trust me--there's a whole book behind it, and I promise to announce the release date the moment I have it.  Until then, my best to everyone -- I deeply appreciate your continued support of the series! Thank you.



  1. Yay! Looking forward to it!

    1. That was absolutely delicious! Thank you for the tease!

  2. I have so enjoyed the Blood Curse Series...excited for a new addition =}

  3. This was and excellent teaser Tessa - very anxious to read this book!

  4. Gawd that was a tease! I'm dying for this book to release Tessa! I do not want to rush you or anything, but please hurry up! lol
    DeAnna Schultz

  5. Waiting impatiently as usual for your books!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Highly recommend to everyone all the time!

  6. I was hooked after the first one. I love that I can take them anywhere on my little ereader. I can hardly wait for the release of Blood Shadows.

  7. Thank you, everyone! :-)
    Things are moving right along...

  8. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  9. Extremely enjoyed your first book..I devoured it within a day and am now starting the next. As an avid paranormal reading, your books are GREAT.

  10. I read the first one and was hooked. I immediately purchased the next 2. Can't wait for Blood Shadows to be available