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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Writing Update ~ Summer, 2016

Time to update my blog ~ apologies for waiting so long! :-)

As of midsummer, 2016, this is what I'm working on...

1) My next release will be the first book in my new PANTHEON OF DRAGONS series - a combination of my special blend of vampires and dragons, known as the Dragyr. I must say this series takes the best of Dark Moon Vale and the Blood Curse Series and blends it with the best of Dragons Realm ~ dark, dangerous, lethal heroes who also wield the power of fire. Strong, defiant, intelligent heroines who face a horrific -- and amazing -- destiny, if they can survive the claiming: in this case, rebirth as an immortal dragyra in the Temple of Seven.

Needless to say,  I'm extremely exited to bring this fresh, original world to readers!!!

And here's a sneak peek of the world building.

Pantheon of Dragons

Before time was a recognized paradigm, seven dragon lords created a parallel, primordial world for their future offspring. They harnessed seven preternatural powers from seven sacred stones. They erected the Temple of Seven and constructed a portal that would lead back and forth between earth and the Dragons’ Domain. And finally, they set about creating a race of beings—the Dragyr—that would exist on blood and fire, a race they gifted lavishly with immortal life.

For all of this, the dragon lords only demanded four submissions from their lethal offspring: They gave them four laws—each one, an inviolable commandment that must be obeyed upon penalty of death—in exchange for indomitable strength, unearthly beauty, and aboriginal magic.    

I.                    Thou shalt pledge thy eternal fealty to the sacred Dragons Pantheon.
II.                 Thou shalt serve as a mercenary for the honor of your lords by seeking out and destroying all pagan enemies, those who would seek to end the Dragons’ Reign, whether demons, shadows, or humans.
III.              Thou shalt feed on the blood and heat of human prey in order to reanimate your fire.
IV.              Thou shalt propagate the species by siring dragyri sons and providing the Pantheon with future warriors. In so doing, thou shalt capture, claim, and render unto your lords, whatsoever human female the gods have selected to become dragyra. And she shall be taken to the sacred Temple of Seven within ten days of her discovery to relinquish her mortality, to be reborn as a consort, and to forever serve the Pantheon of Dragons.  

And so it came to pass that seven sacred lairs were erected in the archaic domain of the dragons to house the powerful race, begotten of the ancient gods, each lair in honor of its ruling dragon:

Lord Dragos, Keeper of the Diamond
Lord Ethyron; Keeper of the Emerald
Lord Saphyrius, Keeper of the Sapphire
Lord Amarkyus, Keeper of the Amethyst
Lord Onyhanzian, Keeper of the Onyx;
Lord Cytarius, Keeper of the Citrine;
& Lord Topenzi, Keeper of the Topaz.

While those who inhabit the lairs might appear to be human, they are decidedly not. While the fated dragyra are to be cherished, loved, and honored by their mates, they belong to the Dragons Pantheon—they belong to the dragon lords. While the Dragyr are unequalled in power, they are never truly free…  

(c) 2015

2) Without question, the next project in the queue is BLOOD BETRAYAL, book #9 in the Blood Curse Series ~ Saxson's story. You can expect a lot of twists and turns as well as an opportunity to see your favorite characters once again, so stay tuned for future posts and release dates. 

In the meantime, don't forget that the prequel to the Blood Curse Series (BLOOD GENESIS) is ***free*** on Amazon, and all my books are available in eBook, paperback, and audio book! Oh, and if you haven't heard Eric Dove sing "House of The Rising Sun" in Blood Ecstasy, you are truly missing out! 

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Until next time,

May the road rise to meet you; may the wind be always at your back!




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