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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Update ;-)

Hello Everyone,
I realize that I have been conspicuously absent this summer on social media -- no worries! Just working very hard on book 4: Blood Shadows. For all of those who have asked, the release date has NOT yet been set; however, I will post it the moment I know it. Rest assured, the book is moving forward.

One quick aside: I have been spending a lot more time at "the cabin" (my original inspiration for Dark Moon Vale), and we have a steady group of hummingbirds that stop by to eat...all day long. One of them has the most magnificent emerald green back surrounded by jet-black feathers, so I named him Nachari. He is definitely a dominant "predator" because he dive-bombs all the other birds and "claims" all five feeders (front and back and forest) as his territory -- will sometimes hover 100 feet in the air in order to see any other bird approaching what he clearly considers his. (I don't think our Nachari would act like that????) lol

At any rate, hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Also, for those of you who have not yet visited me on facebook, please stop by and "LIKE" my fan page when you get a chance:

Until next time, happiness and joy to all :)


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