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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Announcing the official release of BLOOD GENESIS ~ prequel to the Blood Curse Series

To all my fangtastic friends, fans, and readers: I am happy to announce the November 13, 2014 release of

Blood Genesis 

(Prequel to the Blood Curse Series) 

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 Before there was a modern-day town called Dark Moon Vale, there was an ancient kingdom nestled in the Transylvanian Alps. Before there was a primordial species called the Vampyr, there was a celestial race begotten of gods and men. Before light battled shadow, the sacrifice became mandatory, or the first Blood Moon adorned the celestial sky...  

There was the Curse.

A punishment.
An abomination.
The ultimate act of vengeance.

And it was placed upon a people so corrupted by their thirst for blood and dominion that they awakened the souls of the slain ~ and became the souls of the damned.

Before the Blood Curse Series, there was a beginning. 

(A short-story prequel to the Blood Curse Series)
Short Q & A:

Question: Format & Availability?
Answer: The prequel is a short-story (or novella), consisting of 6 chapters and 60 pages. Consequently, it is in eBook format only, available at Amazon.Com and

For those who do not have an eReader device, no worries! Both the Kindle & Nook APPS are available for **free** download on just about any device (cellphone, tablet, computer, etc.).

Question: What is the story about?
Answer: Blood Genesis follows the harrowing, twenty-four-hour time period leading up to the Curse. Yes, it takes place in ancient Romania, 800 BC. It follows the lives of a beautiful woman from the celestial-human race who has been condemned to execution and the strong, Silivasi-ancestor who loves her and is desperate to save her...or die along with her. 

It gives readers a glimpse into the madness that consumed Prince Jaegar, the role Prince Jadon played in the tragic events, and just why the Curse was so severe. It also foreshadows the bigger-than-life role Napolean Mondragon will one-day play in the series.

Make no mistake, Blood Genesis is a dark and tragic tale. The Curse more or less demands this. However, as most of you know, books in the Blood Curse Series consistently end in triumph, overcoming, and the powerful journey of the soul in spite of difficult circumstances. Blood Genesis is the beginning of this theme.  

Question: Who was your target audience?
Answer: Blood Genesis was originally written as an introduction to the series for new readers. However, the novella offers a rare glimpse into the past for both new readers and die-hard fans alike. It was priced to provide an inexpensive, first-look into the mythology created in the Blood Curse Series.

Please feel free to share comments and questions. The next book in the series will be Ramsey's story ~ Blood Vengeance. The release date is still to be announced. 

For more information about the books or the series, please go to my website at

And Happy Reading! :-)

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