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Sunday, August 16, 2015

100 NONSENSICAL QUESTIONS (WEEK SEVEN) ~ because I’m just too busy to blog something serious!

Question #7: 

Mickey Mouse OR Donald Duck? 

This week’s argument comes from a 
lovely & talented guest blogger ~
Amy Marx from HeartandSoles

Welcome to the blog, Amy!

The argument:

Mickey Mouse.  He’s everywhere.  Everyone knows the iconic Mickey head.  I mean he’s the mascot for the Walt Disney Company.  Whoa.  That’s a big deal for one little mouse.  He has been entertaining families since 1928.  You know if you see those mouse ears anywhere, on anything, it’s going to be awesome.  But here’s the thing, he’s kind of obnoxious.  Just last year, my 3 year old was OBSESSED with the mouse.  I would hear that laugh, and I would feel rage in the pit of my stomach. 

Mickey needs a yin to his yang.  A rain cloud to his sunshine.  Here is where we find Donald Duck.  He didn’t join the scene until 1934, wearing his little sailor suit, sans the pants.  When he shows up, you expect this syrupy sweet character, then BAM.  That duck loses his mind.  He is instantly the greatest character to happen to Walt Disney productions.  Did I mention he’s been in more films than any other Disney character?

This is a tough decision. I feel like Mickey and Donald balance each other out.  But my choice for a better character, Mickey or Donald, goes to Donald Duck.  He’s got the outwardly sweet appearance with a fiery temper that just makes you hope every other character makes him angry.  Plus, have you seen him around Daisy? He’s all bashful and sweet.  That’s a well-rounded duck.

And the winner is…

Donald Duck

(But be sure to register your vote or post your own nonsensical question/suggestions in the comments below. Who knows? I might just run with it. J

And now, it's time to return to my day job: writing Dark Fantasy Fiction & Gothic Romance!

Please tune in next week for another utterly-mindless, nonsensical question!  

Until then...



  1. Although I do love a funny duck my vote goes to Mickey. He's iconic and he an Minnie are a cute couple. I say Mickey :-)

  2. Thanks for the wonderful guest-post, Amy! Donald is a riot...for sure! But I think I'm a sucker for the mouse, too. LOL