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Sunday, July 19, 2015

100 NONSENSICAL QUESTIONS (WEEK FOUR) ~ because I’m just too busy to blog something serious!

Question #4: 
Who’s the better super hero (the coolest dude)?


The argument:

First, I have to acknowledge that this question is NOT nonsensical to a lot of superhero fans (and you have my utmost respect); however, since my knowledge of each character is negligible, my discussion will be brief.  

On one hand, superman is just plain cool. He looks good, he acts cool, and he repeatedly saves the planet. Not only is he faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap a tall building in a single bound—but he wages a never-ending battle for truth and justice. Now that’s just the epitome of moral character and integrity. And frankly, I would still be impressed if he could only leap a short building (or even a double-wide trailer) in a single bound. Besides, who else—anywhere in the universe—could completely and effectively disguise their appearance simply by putting on a single pair of glasses? That alone makes him spectacular. Yes, there is the whole Kryptonite thing, but seriously, who has kryptonite? Where would you even get it?  

Okay, onto Batman: At first glance, I had nothing! He wears a fairly silly suit, can’t even fly without the help of a jet-pack (what kind of bat can’t fly? Can he at least hang upside down?) and from what I understand, he doesn’t even have super powers (is that one or two words?). So, in the interest of being fair, I reached out to my nephew, who immediately set me straight!

  • Batman has Ninja skills!
  • He hates guns and doesn’t kill people ~ so he’s super moral (an all-around good guy).
  • He’s a billionaire, so there’s that.
  • "Chicks dig his car.” ~ Nephew’s words J  
  • He has a ton of really cool gadgets, and he’s absolutely brilliant (as in super-high IQ).

Fine, so I get his appeal: As a fellow member of the Justice League, he’s also got integrity. As a disgustingly-wealthy dude with a REALLY cool car, he’s not hard up for dates. As a powerful thinker, he could probably outwit, outlast, and outplay anyone, which means he could also win Survivor.

But here’s the thing: some fictional enemies need to be killed. Really, though; they just do (can anyone say Joffrey from Game of Thrones?). And there’s something to be said about being tossed into the ring and being able to brawl – without needing gadgets, a plan, or one’s butler. (Okay, so that last one was uncalled for.) I guess in the end, it comes down to one thing (for me, anyway): Clark Kent and those incredible glasses!

That still blows me away.

So yep, I’m going with SUPERMAN, but only by a bit. 
(Be sure and register your vote or post your own nonsensical question in the comments. Who knows? I might just run with it. J

And now, it's time to return to my day job: writing Dark Fantasy Fiction & Gothic Romance!

Please tune in next week for another utterly-mindless, nonsensical question!  

Until then...


Disclaimer: I really am a thoughtful, contemplative, fairly educated person. :-) I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Nonprofit Management, and I write a wicked, dark, edgy, action-packed story...but I just don't have time to blog. Oh, and I  will interrupt this mindless nonsense (from time to time) to post about new releases, upcoming books, videos, contests, or other various teasers...just so you know. :-)


  1. I go for Superman, He has Powers and yet also has a Achilles Heel. That in itself makes him HOT!!

  2. Batman. Without a doubt. Ingenuity and hand to hand combat. Both learned or trained.
    Superman is such a goodie goodie. I hate that.

  3. Batman hands down, Superman looks like he is in a high school wrestling outfit on a windy day....

  4. Ahhhh...a debate I've observed lead to literal When it comes down to it, Superman is the simply the best of the best. He has morals, superhuman powers and thanks to a fine Kansas upbringing, he has some humility. BUT...for me...the definition of a hero is one who takes sides against an enemy for the greater good despite the potential mortal danger to himself/herself. Superman has a weakness to be sure, but by and large, there's not much for him to fear...not much that can beat him. Batman on the other hand, fights the bad guy, no matter who they are, KNOWING that each outing could be his last. Superman has a responsibility because of his powers, whereas Batman has trained his body and mind to protect innocent lives even if it costs him his own.

    Also, being a billionaire, brilliant detective, highly trained ninja and hand to hand combatant with cool toys...doesn't suck :-) Almost makes me think I could do it. ;-)

  5. ok, grandson is watching Disneys Girl meets World and guess what they were just debating......YES ...who is better SUPERMAN or BATMAN....buwah! (they are talking villians and heros) .....they chose is a silly show anyway !

  6. Batman. He's dark. He's edgy. He's human!

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