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Sunday, July 26, 2015

100 NONSENSICAL QUESTIONS (WEEK FIVE) ~ because I’m just too busy to blog something serious!

Question #5: 
One character on Game of Thrones that 


The argument:

On one hand, Tyrion Lannister has to be one of the most complex, cool, and dynamic characters…ever. He’s smart as a whip, has a razor sharp tongue, and some of his lines are positively epic, ripe with both humor and wisdom! I’m not going to lie: I applauded when he escaped the trial by combat unscathed (didn’t go so well for his stand-in); cheered when he shot his father in the privy with a crossbow; and even laughed “MAO” when he strangled that back-stabbing trollop. (Hey, I write Dark Fantasy; I don’t hold back on the graphic scenes, either.) And underneath all that bluster and brilliance is this complex, wounded child who truly deserves his day in the sun. The way he’s been treated is horrific. His siblings are just shy of monsters (okay, so his sister, Cersei, is worse than a monster), but the point is this: No one deserves to rise to the top —and to live – more than Tyrion Lannister.

Except for, maybe, Daenerys Targaryen...

What can I say? She’s got it all: brains, beauty, power, grit, strength, wisdom, and DRAGONS! Did I mention she has three dragons (though two of them are going through a kind of awkward, teenage stage)? Just the same, Daenerys has been through a LOT (why-oh-why did you let that witch kill Draego? You knew she couldn’t be trusted!), and she has journeyed a long, LONG way to get to that iron throne. Despite all her adversity, her heart is still pure—though don’t get it twisted; she’ll still have you killed in a heartbeat—and she always strives for justice and harmony.

So this is a hard one…

Because I don’t think Game of Thrones would be the same powerful show without either one of them. 

It’s been awful enough losing the Starks. Could we really stand to see Daenerys fall “just this shy” of her ultimate goal, not to mention the claim her family has on that throne? No. No. And no. So there it is in black and white: While it would be devastating to lose Tyrion, it might be irreconcilable to lose Daenerys.

Don’t do it, George! Don’t do it.

And for that reason, I’m going with the Targaryen: DAENERYS!

(Be sure and register your vote or post your own nonsensical question/suggestion in the comments below. Who knows? I might just run with it. J)

And now, it's time to return to my day job: writing Dark Fantasy Fiction & Gothic Romance!

Please tune in next week for another utterly-mindless, nonsensical question!  

Until then...


Disclaimer: I really am a thoughtful, contemplative, fairly educated person. :-) I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Nonprofit Management, and I write a wicked, dark, edgy, action-packed story...but I just don't have time to blog. Oh, and I  will interrupt this mindless nonsense (from time to time) to post about new releases, upcoming books, videos, contests, or other various teasers...just so you know. :-)


  1. I have to go with the "Mother of Dragons". Really, I think that anyone that has a dragon needs to be saved. Just think of the time saving for BBQ's and lighting the campfire! In addition, they fly and are just plain awesome! I vote Danerys all the way.

  2. Truth be told, I'd like to marry Daenerys and have a drink...or twelve with Tyrion. However, I am absolutely fascinated by her journey and transformation from timid, naive Princess to all powerful Queen and Mother of Dragons. She is absolutely fearless, cunning and shows a great deal of insight for someone seemingly so young. So...yeah...I'm choosing her. But that is NOT an easy choice.